Can anyone tell me where I might find this?


I am looking to find or locate someone who can do this for me. I want to have a picture of The Bridgekeeper, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, transfered onto a sweatshirt for me. I will supply the sweatshirt and shipping charges and what the cost of the transfer is. I have no creative talent myself in this endeavor! I am a simple school bus driver that wants to greet my kids with the philosophical question emblazoned, WHAT is your quest?!

Please please email me at if you could. I don't have a computer myself but try to get on one every other day at least. I would be extremely grateful.

Sincerely, Kim Quinn

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Because the movies are protected by copyright, you might have more luck with a commercial site that sells Monty Python products (they'll have the necessary permissions). That is probably the only way to get a nice quality image.

You can purchase special paper that will print iron-on transfers from an ink jet printer, but they won't be as sharp as what you'd get from a commerical printer (and that doesn't get around the copyright issue).

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