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Calling All Color Gurus - Need some Paint Color Advice

10 years ago

Hi All -

Basement tiled flooring is finally coming under wraps.

Now onto paint, in which, I admittedly suck at picking colors.

For all you color gurus out there, love to hear some suggestions.

Note: No natural sunlight, except for 5 subgrade windows.

All recessed cans with PAR bulbs for lighting.

The White Tile in the pic is for our laundry room.

It's a laundry room/mud room.

White Miele Washer/Laundry.

I'm getting new millwork done for the sink base. TBD but it's either going in 2 separate directions - pickled oak cabs or high gloss white lacquered cabinets.

The Wood Tile is the main room in the basement.

The stairs are brand new in quartersawn white oak and being finished in a similar or slightly lighter hue than the floor. Under the stairs, new millwork in walnut - a bank of drawers with a open Cube style shelving underneath the stairs.

Love to get some suggestions on what colors you might recommend for each room. I'm inclined to go lighter on both. I don't want to go ~white~ in the main room but methinks a light creme would look good with the flooring.




Sorry, I don't have any distance shots of the laundry room floor. I took a quick pic before I laid flooring protection on. It's still a ~construction zone~. I do have one just for eyeball purposes.


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