gifts for stampers that will fit in a rak envelope


I absolutely LOVE this list! Thanks Barbie! I thought it might help someone. I know it is helpful to me.

GIFTS for STAMPERS that will fit in a Rak envelope:

can you add to this list?

1- 3D dots

2- Acetate

3- Accordion book insert

4- Accordion book made by you for them!

5- Alphabets stamped or cut out

6- All occasion STAMPED QUOTES kit! All in a zippy bag.

7- Background (homemade) layering papers

8- Balloons to stamp on or embellish cards with

9- Bookmarks- blank

10- Bookmarks- homemade

11- Bookmark kit! Homemade in a zip bag! Everything to make a complete


12- Bows- made of ribbon

13- Bows- stamped

14- Buttons- bought or homemade

15- Calendar- mini stamped

16- Card fronts from swaps for ideas!

17- Card kits- homemade in a zip bag! Everything to make a complete


18- Cards- blank

19- Cards with a large UNCOLORED image on the front so THEY CAN COLOR it


20- Card stock samples

21- Collage items- pictures etc.

22- Confetti- bought or made

23- Coupon for items that you sell?

24- Crimped quotes

25- Crimped layering papers

26- Crimped images

27- Double stick paper sheets

28- Embellishments- bought or homemade

29- Envelopes- bought or homemade

30- Envelope gift bags!

31- Envelopes- mini!

32- Envelope patterns

33- EP sample

34- Explosion inserts- pre-folded! Ready to insert in a card

35- Faux postage stamped images

36- Faux postage sheets that they can stamp and cut and use

37- Feathers

38- Felt for layering

39- Fiber-string, yarn, metallic threads, etc

40- FF sample

41- Foil paper

42- Frames- stamped

43- Fun foam

44- Gift bags that they can stamp on.

45- Gift tags- blank or that you have made

46- Gift box- blank or that you have stamped

47- Glitter

48- Glitter sprayed layering papers

49- Images- stamped

50- Images- a zip bag full of birthday images!

51- Images- stamped all occasion in a zip bag.

52- Jute string

53- Labels- blank

54- Labels mailing labels with their name and addy!

55- Lace

56- Lace, paper- bought or you cut with your fiskars!

57- Magic mesh pieces

58- Mulberry paper samples

59- Paper- homemade

60- Paper for layering

61- Paper- scraps

62- Patterns for cards etc

63- PE samples- just dump a little in a zip bag!

64- Photo corners bought or homemade

65- Popup card- blank that they can use!

66- Postage stamps- cancelled

67- Postage stamps they can use

68- Punched bookmarks

69- Punched tags

70- Punched images

71- Quotes- list

72- Quotes- stamped for layering

73- Raffia

74- Ribbon

75- Ribbon- wide that can be stamped on

76- Sand samples

77- Scrapbook TOPPER ideas list

78- Seed packages for planting

79- Stencil

80- Stickers

81- Sticker labels that they can stamp on and use

82- Stickers- Homemade using xyron

83- Tags- blank

84- Tags, gift -blank or homemade

85- Tags that you have made

86- Tape- double stick

87- Tape- mounting

88- Teabag folding instructions

89- Teabag folding papers

90- Teabag folding s so they can use them on their cards!

91- Technique instructions

92- Template- bought or made

93- Template for clouds!

94- Template for grass

95- Tips on how to use a product or stamping item

96- Tissue paper

97- Tissue paper envy

98- Tissue paper wrapping paper that you have made!

99- Trading cards- blank

100- Trading cards- that you have made

101- Trading card kits (homemade in a zip bag!

Everything to make a complete T. card!)

102- Tri fold cards- pre-cut bought or YOU CUT THEM

103- Um s

104- Vellum

105- Vellum envys

106- Vellum decorative- bought or homemade

107- Wallpaper samples

108- Webbing sprayed layering papers

109- Window cards- precut bought or YOU CUT THEM

110- Wire

111- Wrapping paper samples for layering

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Great list (I love lists) and great gifts.
This is also nice for my "where did I put it " list.

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Minnie, this is my favorite one of all. It's so helpful.

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I love the list but I'm drawing a blank on "Rak" envelope?

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Thanks I thought it was a regular sized envelope lol

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