ISO mould & deckle demensions?


I used to have directions or demensions on making one of these that I found online, but I can't locate them. I have a Arnold GrummerI got about 6 years ago;(beginner's kit), but I want to make larger paper sheets. Thanks in advance!

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I just got an Arnold Grummer on myself. It says that the company is Greg Markim, Inc. Milwaukee, Wi. You could do a search on that.

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I'm not sure exactly what you need but I have made moulds and deckles out of stretcher bars that I glue and screw together. I used nylon sheer curtains on the mold. The mould and deckle are the same size and are usually the size of the paper you want.

The Palimsest site had a couple of points that I found interesting. The first was to put an extra lip on the deckle so that it fits the mould like a box top to prevent slipping. Good idea for a larger piece since they are more difficult to hold.

The other good idea is that the larger deckle could be fitted with several frames to speed production. I have used plastic stencils this way.

I hope these links help.

American Museum of Papermaking
good picture of mould

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Here's another site for deckle making...just change the demensions to the size you'd want. They use the plastic window screening. I have also heard that folks do it with "found" picture frames....if you see any at garage sales....
Deckle href>
Someday I'm gonna make a larger one too...LOL!

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