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ace flat sensations vs. sw duration matte?

15 years ago

Does anyone have an opinion on these two paints?

ACE's is made with scotchguard, I believe. Both are supposedly very washable/scrubbable yet flat finish paints. I have a kid and two dogs. Oh, and a husband, too, but I doubt he'll be the culprit if there are crayon scribbles or muddy paw prints on the walls, at least I hope not, but... back to the point:

ACE's is a lot less per gallon, like 12 dollars less. If I need about 30 gallons total, that adds up to over 300 bucks, so I am wondering if SW's line is worth it or if ACE's line will do the trick for the money. I like the ACE palette better, but I know SW color matches, so it may not matter too much.

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