What colors do you think look best here? (pix)

13 years ago

We've gutted and are rebuilding our kitchen. I've spent quite a bit of time (and then some!) over on the Kitchens' Forum but thought Home Decorating might be able to help best with some of the finishing touches.

Here is what our kitchen will look like:

Well, in theory. Our GC wants us to lose the valence over the bar. It's a big part of my design. The curve is repeated in the valence above the sink, in the hood, and on the wall oven.

The point-of-view in the kitchen picture, above, is from about our front door. The cabinet color is a little off, but I haven't found a good solution, with the tools at my disposal. They're Maple Ginger, no glazing. Here's something of a color board:

Here is what the living room looks like, bare and with some of our stuff in it:

(The wall you see on the right side of the picture, above, has been replaced by the island, bar, and columns.)

This picture lets you see our fireplace, entertainment armoire, and sofa in more detail. The hearth has the same colors and patterns as the foyer floor (flagstone). The boy is staying, too :) :

So my questions are what paint colors you guys think would work in this space, and what window treatments you think would work. We need to paint the ceiling (an off-white, to be easy), all walls, and the living room side of the bar, and columns. The valence too, if I manage to hang onto it.

With that, if you feel particularly inspired, what window treatments would you give the windows between the living room and dining room? The dining room window treatments are sliding panels from IKEA. I've very happy with them. I can't do anything too expensive, especially with two children under four. I love Dupioni silk, though.

I know I sure am asking a lot and that some of it's more paint-forum related, but I wanted to get at the decorating aspect. I'm planning to try to paint that fireplace cover in an iron finish to match the dining room chandelier, and I'd like to have bright colors. Orange? Green? Maybe doing the fireplace wall in one bold color and the other three walls in something else?

I'm attaching a link to some colors I pasted in. There's one particularly hideous one. As you can see, I need the help! Thank you in advance. Cate

Here is a link that might be useful: Playing with Paint Colors

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