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Kitchen Brainstorming Session, Input Wanted

10 years ago

Ok, so I'm really narrowing down some things that I want to do once I get those keys in my hot little hand (some time within the next 1 to 3 days I believe)!

The kitchen is leaving me a little stumped because there are so many ideas I like and I'm not sure which of them work together.

Below is the kitchen as it is now. This is one wall - there's an opposite wall that features the same tilework (plain white gloss square) and is the range area. It has a narrow set of cabinets on either side of the stove. Pretty standard stuff.

Now, here are the parameters:

I'm NOT changing out the counters, cabinets or tile at this point. I just can't afford to and everything fits and is sturdy. I think it's a semi recent remodel

I AM most definitely taking down that paper and ripping up that horrid carpet

I have considered using a countertop refinishing kit but no one seems to have a positive review a couple years down the road and I'd rather keep what's there (fake butcher block, light tone) than end up with a chipped up mess.

I hate oak. No offense to anyone that has it, but I've never liked it. Even in the 80's or whenever it was that oak was all the rage, I have never ever liked it. I like walnut (which is what the wood floors are in the rest of the house - unfortunately the kitchen does not have the old antique hardwood)

That being said, the cabinets will either be:

painted green (a medium green, an olive color)
painted red (a country barn red)
darkened to walnut with gel stain

The floor will be stripped down to the subfloor and new underlayment put down. That's where the money stops as I can't afford to go further (plus there are several options and I don't feel ready to commit). It will be painted, perhaps stenciled, and sealed.

So, below are some scenerios, I'd appreciate input on them as well as new suggestions if you want.

Oh, the kitchen has a black dishwasher but no range or fridge. I'm currently shopping craigslist hoping to find something I like at a moderate price. I'm pretty sure stainless is out of the price range, plus I had it at the queen anne I redid and really wasn't very impressed. Chances are I'll get black but if push comes to shove money wise, I may have to settle for white.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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