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SW Navajo White Versus BM Bone White Vs. BM Navajo White

17 years ago

One the color charts it says that the SW Navajo White is a 94% match for BM Bone White. Is the Navajo White by SW less red or a tad lighter? I am thinking of repainting my Master Bathroom BM Navajo White. I tried samples of the Bone White and I love the color in all my other rooms but in my master bathroom it is a tad too red and dark. The BM Navajo White is so close to he Deep Cream color but has no lemon in it but still has a little yellow that is pretty. So the BM Navajo White is a tad more tan (due to the extra units of gray) and a tad less yellow but otherwise so close in color. Half the people who see it vote for the BM Navajo White and the other half vote for the BM Bone White. Everyone agrees that even with the bulb change to day/night bulbs, the Deep Cream is just too lemon for my bathroom's taupe tiles and bone sinks and jacuzzi.

I have the chip here and I am so busy, I wonder if it is not worth to try a sample of the SW Navajo White if it will be too dark also? But it looks like it may go the best. Anyone know the formula for the SW Navajo White since the SW Site does not tell me while I found a site that lists the formula for the BM Paint colors.

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  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thank you so much Faron. I guess that is why the sample boards I used looked so different than the actual colors on the walls since I did not prime them first. Thank you for letting me know. Also I guess I did not wait as long as I should have between coats.

    The BM Bone White looks so wonderful in my family room, kitchen and my hallways. I was amazed that it is grayish in my laundry room. It looks like a different color paint. The Deep Cream looks so nice in my bedroom but in my bathrooms it has too much lemon and a little lighter than I wanted even with the change in the bulbs to daylight bulbs. I may repaint the laundry room after my busy season myself since it has a low ceiling and not that much wall. I will be brave and go with a lavender color I think or just paint it bright white since it has such bad lighting in there and then add a pretty colorful rug.

    I have learned so much about color from painting my home and from these forums.

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    I had the flashing problem with BM Muresco ceiling paint - don't know about their other "flat" paints but this is what my painter told me. We have BM Regal Matte on the walls, it doesn't seem to hold up to scrubbing w/o "burnishing" as well as CR suggested, but you can wipe stuff off. The darker colors (Antique Jade, Summer (blue)) seem to flash a bit too when touching up. But the Navajo White touches up very well. The Navajo White is kind of a ivory-bone, very neutral but a lot less yellow than the Filtered Sunlight I had originally considered (painted a sample) for my kitchen/family room (south and east windows made Sunlight look really yellow). I don't know that I'd want to use it on my ceilings though - depends on what your wall color is. If it's something from the same card, but darker, maybe, but I wouldn't use it with walls that were a totally different hue. Here's the east wall of my family room. Navajo White walls with Muresco ceiling white ceiling. The walls are showing a little yellower than they look in person, but not much. They also look a little green (at least on my monitor) but it's not green at all. It's definitely not "white" though. The good thing is, it's a standard color so you can get a gallon and try a sample, if you don't like it you can return it.
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  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi again Lynn! Nice to catch you online! make a "true" sample, it needs to be about that size, & primed so the paints' "sheen" looks its truest. Treat it as a "mini-real-life-wall" project.

    Even "White" needs 3 hrs. to dry between coats; Burgundy= SIX hours between coats on a gray primer!! Florescent lights can wreak havoc, even with a nice lavendar! Does your Laundry have Incandescent or "Flor"?? Just one fixture??


  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Faron, Thank you so much for your help since I value your opinions.

    I guess I need better lighting in my laundry room. There is a big domed shape covering over one incandescent lightbulb so most of the room is not getting light. I guess I never noticed since I never painted and everything used to be a flat off-white with no contrast to the ceiling or trim or doors like I have now. I painted the ceiling and doors and all the shelving bright white and the walls Bone White that show mostly above the shelves and on the wall in front of the beautiful new (2 years old) white washer and white dryer (have grayish front panels since they are the Whirlpool Duet set) above the white plastic laundry baskets.

    The BM Bone White is so warm and beautiful in every lighting downstairs downstairs without being too yellow or to too much of anything. Everyone loves the Bone White color that sees it especially my clients and friends who fear going too dark. I am glad I listened to Micheal that it was not too dark and to just go for it to get myself away from pure white. I just love it so much downstairs making my kitchen with the golden oak cabinets and the flourescent lighting go with my family room with the beige rug, the taupe/beige sofa and the glass tables. I know I need now some pillows and a little rug for some color. I am thinking I like red.

    But the Bone white is not doing anything for my upstairs laundry room and in fact made the laundry room darker. I do not hate it but I want to change it even though I just painted it. The floor is a gray matt tile that I dislike so thought maybe a nice rug would be a good idea?

    I am not sure what color will look nice there. The room's door is usually open to keep it aired out and can be seen from my bedroom and the hallway. The Hallway is BM bone white that is nice there with the white ceilings. The bedroom is RL's Deep Cream in a pearl finish with a white ceiling. I was going to paint the laundry room lavender but feared it would not go well with my hallway. I guess I never decorated before and was afraid of another lemon room.

    The Deep cream by Ralph lauren is a lemony color in my Master bathroom that have incandescent lighting, bone tiled floors, bone sinks, bone Jacuzzi, and taupe tile up the sides of the Jacuzzi and in the shower glass stall area. The double vanity is a bone leaning toward ivory. The new olive green towels looked nice in there when the walls were off-white. The pictures I put on the wall that have a brownish/taupe border on them before the bronze frames with flowers that have olive and white in them, almost pulled the room together. But it still bothers me to see the lemon against the bone and taupe everytime I go in the room. It is not the warm feeling I wanted when I take a shower. I made the mistake of painting all my bathrooms this color. But it is the master bathroom that I am in all the time that is bothering me this past month so much.

    Also I have no windows in any of my bathrooms or in my laundry room so this is not helping the lighting problem.

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    P.S. The walls were painted satin. There is some streaks on the walls now and the painter claims it is from the steam from the shower since I have no windows. Should I repaint with a semi-gloss finish when I change the color to something that is not so lemon? The walls had been primed. Unless the painter did not wait enough between coats of paint? The bathroom has a slanted cathedral ceiling so can not paint it myself since it is too tall.

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    As far as the "runs" in your paint...
    * Were 2 coats of the RL Satin paint actually used on the primer?
    * 3-hrs between coats is fine for your lighter color.
    * If you have a bath-fan, use it religiously! Leave it running even 10 min. after a shower.
    * I'm of the preference towards S/G in a main bath. I'm SOOOO glad we had most areas in our house painted in a S/G. Our bathrooms still look good 10 yrs. later.
    * Because your existing RL color is Satin, I'd reprime and do 2 full coats of S/G. This gives the best grip, & best sheen developement.
    * Try to give it a couple days to cure b4 high-humidity exposure. Most paints aren't considered "hardened-off" enough for cleaning purposes for a month!

    An identical color in a smaller room will seem darker because there's less light to illuminate said color. So, you may as well go with a darker coordinating color!! Maybe a plum, or a wine!

    Just some thoughts!

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thank you Faron for letting me know I should be using the bath fan after every shower. I guess that is the problem and maybe I showered too early after the bathroom was painted. Also I do not know how long he waited between painting each coat. Maybe that is the problem?

    I had wanted Semi-Gloss in my bathrooms but the painter and the store where I bought the paint talked me out of it and I used Satin which was not as nice a finish as the Pearl I have on my walls in the other rooms in my opinion. I do not mind a little shine. I like walls to be able to clean easily and I feel they look richer when they are not flat. I do not like gloss on walls except for trim, poles and doors though, since that is too much shine. Also I like the pearl finish on my other walls that are not bathrooms since to me they look rich and I do not see the shine, I just see no chalky look.

    I told Mike the painter to prime again but he tells me he primed at my request last time with two coats of the paint and does not see why he should prime again which would cost me more. I told him my decorating site and my paint site says priming helps the paint grip better and gives a much more professional look. It will be over 5 weeks since he last painted the bathroom. My other client who referred the painted told me today, "Why do you want to spend more and Prime when the color is not that much different and it was only painted recently?" He then told me, "You like the color now on the wall with the sample Navajo White, so if you prime, it may look different."

    So you feel I should still have Mike Prime the wall first? since I am putting Semi-Gloss over Satin, if I do not prime again, will it not stick well and not look as nice? I know I love how all my primed walls look in the other rooms. But this bathroom was just painted and will be painted next week which would be about 5 weeks in between changing my mind on the color. Would you tint the primer 50% if I want to use BM's Navajo White? I have left over primer tinted with Deep Cream. Is that OK to use or will that affect the outcome of the color?

    I like the idea of a plum color for either the walls or the rug in my laundry room. I was going to get a red rug with the bone white walls but it is so drab in the room now that it looks darker than it used to look with the off-white walls. I want at least one of my rooms in my home to have some real color I feel.

    I did paint my exercise/guest room Philadelphia Cream. It is so yellow in that room. I had thought it would be more of a gold color. I changed the bulbs to daylight bulbs and that helped a little bit. I am slowly getting used to it and starting to see it as a happy color since I am not in that room that much. I was going to paint it BM Golden Straw but when I saw my neighbor's kitchen with the cherry wood cabinets and the Philadelphia Cream walls, I liked the color on her walls so much. I guess color looks differently in each room like you said and in different types of lighting.

    Thank you again for helping me out.


  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi again Lynn!

    1) Ooopps! I may have missed the detail about the time BETWEEN your paintjobs.
    * IF it's THAT recent, re-priming isn't necessary b4 S/Gloss goes on the Satin.
    * Wouldn't hurt though to wipe on a liquid-deglosser. This temporarily makes a shinier surface tacky for better grip.
    * Check the instructions! It's easy to wipe on, but most brands need to be coated within a 1/2-hour. You could do this yourself...a few minutes b4 painter will start.

    2) Too bad they talked you out of S/G previously!! Yes it's shiny, but for a VERY good reason! Think of a well-waxed car...same principle. Water & gunk roll right off.

    3) You'll be fine without tinting the primer(s) because your colors are still pretty light. TWO coats though!! Do I sound like a broken record yet??

    4) Exposing a "fresh" (meaning under a week) paint film to high moisture that settles on it (i.e. shower!) can cause runs/slight "pitting" effects.
    * If possible; wait a couple days b4 using that shower, leave doors open when showering, or use another bathroom to shower for the first week.
    * After a week, the "skin" is hard enough for the mist!
    * Full-cure for cleaning purposes takes about a month.

    Enjoy your new walls!

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Faron, Thank you so much for writing back right away. You are so knowledgeable and generous with your time.

    I just want my walls to look nice and I was afraid if I skipped the primer, the paint may not stick. These forums (especially Michael) has taught me how important it is to prep the walls before painting and I can see how nice my other walls look by following this advice and making sure my painter did what I told him to do.

    But my bathroom was just painted and I am not changing the color much at all. I guess it is my fault for taking a shower too soon in the room and not putting the fan on in the room after each shower since I have no windows and that is why the paint is now streaking. All the other rooms look great and the other bathrooms have no problems that are rarely used.

    I do have the guest bathroom that I can take showers in for one week. I rarely use it since I like taking showers in my master bathroom with the glass doors than in a tub with a shower curtain. I only use that bathroom for guests or to wash my little doggies. I guess for one week, I can use the guest bathroom to shower in despite a little smell from my doggie's puppy pads in there. I guess I should feel blessed that my townhouse has 2 1/2 baths and has a lot of room. I just keep the puppy pads in there since in the winter time my spoiled little 5.8 lb Maltese, Sassy does not like to go outside. My other little doggies will go outside in my fenced in backyard on the stones but not the little Miss Princess Sassy who has always been like this knowing her cuteness will win out.

    I am just changing the color slightly since the BM Navajo White is only slightly less yellow than the Deep Cream and the Navajo White which I feel will go better with the bone colored Jacuzzi and the two bone colored sinks and the bone colored toilet, as well as the taupe tiles up the sides of the Jacuzzi and shower stall. The extra gray in the Navajo White surprisingly does not look gray to me in that room but warms the walls up and takes away the lemon cast that to me just did not look right against the taupe tiles. They are so similar in color and the formulas show it (Navajo White has 4 Less Units of Oxide Yellow and 4 more units of Gray and 1/2 extra unit of Orange than the deep cream color but otherwise they are so much alike in formula) but the room will then appear less lemon but still happy and bright and be semi-gloss like I wanted since I have no windows in it and I want to be able to clean it easily when I brush my teeth and get my walls dirty. I love my new pictures and my new olive towels and new olive rug and I feel they will go better with walls that do not have that lemon cast to them.

    I guess I should ask the paint store for a "liquid deglosser" and they will know what I mean? I can degloss part of the bathroom except for the tallest walls I will not be able to reach even with a tall ladder since I am not quite 5 feet. Maybe I can do what I can before painter arrives and he can do the rest. I think he is not that tall either (but much taller than me) but has tall ladders and long poles for his rollers.

    I had the painter tint the primer deep cream last time for the deep cream room and bone white tinted for the bone white room. I guess that was not really necessary since the colors are so light. The painter used the Deep Cream tinted primer for the Philadelphia Painted room telling me it was not worth going out to buy new primer. I wonder if this is why that room turned out more yellow than I had thought it would be.

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Good Evening Lynn,

    1) Yes, your local hardware store should know what the "Liquid deglosser" is...sometimes called "Liquid sandpaper". It's often sold in a metal quart container.
    * Remember: check directions for how long it can sit on the wall before painting.
    * You just need a clean white rag (non-linty!) to wipe it on.
    * Hopefully, painter can do the higher-stuff "gratis" for you!
    * Yes, it sure is nice to have Mr. Michael around here!

    2) It's nice to see someone have attention to detail like your concern for priming! It's not "wrong" to prime again, but your existing color is new enough that just using the de-glosser is fine.

    3) Any cream color uses a white/light tint-base that has good hiding properties. Therefore tinting a primer to that tone is almost moot. His using the "Deep Cream" primer wouldn't affect your topcoats, unless he's pushing the topcoats too thin, but that seems unlikely.

    4) Just give your new colors a week to dry and even-out the sheen-levels. S/Glosses could take TWO weeks!

    5) It's great you have another bath to use! The pooches might look at you strange though :-)


  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Faron, Thank you so much for your post. I feel very comfortable now that my paint job will look professional again by deglossing the walls first. I guess I am lucky I have the other bathroom to use to make sure the paint has time to settle before using that bathroom again. My little "furkidz" will definitely wonder why I am taking a shower in "their" bathroom. :)

    I am so glad I will no longer have flat off-white walls everywhere with the same color on the ceiling and trim. I can't wait until after my busy season to repaint my laundry room a fun color like I should have done in the first place but I was too scared to. Michael was right that the Bone White is perfect for my family room, kitchen and hallways and is such a beautiful color that is not too white and not too dark that seems to match whatever it is around. I almost painted my bathroom this color but I think it would look too dark from the sample on the wall for the effect I want. In the other rooms, there is so much light, that the color is perfect for me.

    My house was so boring for 9 years! I never even put pictures up in any room but my office. I was afraid to make a mistake and finances were tight from this major home purchase.

    Now I have pretty clocks on the walls, new blinds, new paint job, new comforter and some pictures on the walls in some of my rooms. I still have no pictures or color in my family room but I will add some throw pillows, a picture or two above the sofa and a small rug under my coffee table after my busy season ends.

    I feel happy that when my clients arrive this year, there will be no samples on the walls and my home will look nice. Painted walls with contrasting trim really adds to the beauty of a home I am finding out.

    Also I have several friends visiting from out of state in August so hopefully by then my home will look nice and reflect my taste. I may want some silk flowers and plants in some of my rooms when I have time to find life-like ones. I love real flowers but they always die on me.

  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    Hmmmm...I just had a thought...the one bath is only "for guests and dogs..." I had a good chuckle on that one!!

    Well, it sounds like you'll be enjoying your "new" home soon! Don't be scared to throw some punches of color here & there! It's only paint. It's not like stressing over a kitchen's too short to not enjoy a little color!


  • 17 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Would not waiting 3 hours between the coats of the Semi-Gloss BM Navajo White Paint cause splotchy spots and not smoothness? The painter did not wait long at all and put the second coat on right away and I am unhappy. I purposely went out to buy sandwhiches for him and his helper so they would eat and wait before painting again. If they did not have time to do the job right, then they should have told me this or did one coat, gone to their next job and then come back here since the bathroom is not that big and I do not live far from the painter.