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OT: Laundry room main floor or second floor?

13 years ago

Right now this is probably the biggest thing we're unsure of in the first draft of our plan. We're at the very beginnings, trying to figure out a layout we like before seeing a professional. Since this forum is much more active than some of the others I thought I'd ask here, where do you prefer your laundry room if you have a two story house?

We're leaning heavily towards putting the laundry room on the main floor off the kitchen, though we have more than enough room to fit it upstairs by changing up the layout. The way we see it the pros of having it on the second floor are that we don't have to drag clothes up and down the stairs. The cons are we would have to go upstairs everytime we wanted to do a load, had to put the clothes in the dryer, put in a new load, to fold the clothes.. It would mean having vibrating machines over our heads since we'll be on the main floor almost all of the time. It would be difficult to do laundry at night when the kids are sleeping.

Now if we put it on the main floor, we've laid out the 2nd floor so we could put a laundry chute in beside the tub in the main bathroom which would empty into a wall cabinet in our laundry room. This way clothes are neatly contained and we can easily sort them into different baskets as we take them out of the cabinet. Either myself or my wife will be in the kitchen for most of the evening cooking, cleaning, making lunches, etc.. so it would be very easy to just pop into the laundry room and put a load in, etc.. we could fold clothes while watching tv and just bring up the clean clothes the next time we have to go upstairs or when we go to bed. No buzzers dictating when we have to run up and down the stairs a million times. No noise disturbing the kids so we can do laundry at night when things calm down, no vibrating machines shaking the ceiling on the main floor. No having to fold clothes in the laundry room upstairs. So far the only con I can see is that we'd have to walk the clean laundry back up?

What do you all say? It seems really one-sided to me but then I read about so many people who love their laundry room upstairs and I worry that I'm missing something? Let me know, thanks!

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