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Banquette, cabinet height, Imperial Danby questions

11 years ago

We're about to gut and rebuild the kitchen in our 1920 Colonial Revival home. A few questions for today:

(1) we're planning an L-shaped banquette. Architect is doing cabinetry design and asked whether we wanted upholstered banquette or separate cushion. I told him cushion as we have young dog who gnaws and it would be less expensive to replace cushion than to reupholster. But I'd love thoughts and/or photos of both options. Also, if you have banquette,, how high is back? I think ours is 30 in from floor to top of banquette back (with wall of windows above)--hubby thinks that hits a bit too low on his back.

(2) Vermont Imperial Danby--saw gorgeous slab today. Believe retail was $112(!), including everything through install. Thoughts? We may do

marble on perimeter (24 sq ft) and wood on island (16 sq ft) depending on cost.

(3) Cabinet height from ceiling--believe our ceilings are 9'6" and preliminary cabinet design is 8'3"--wasted space,no? But saving money due to not having cabinetry to ceiling, correct? I had always envisioned cabinetry to ceiling but am willing to forego if significant cost savings (not worried about sufficient storage).

Thanks in advance for your input!


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