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In need of some guidance for my family room.

9 years ago

First, thanks for looking. I definitely need some feedback. I am ready to change the color of my family room - have lived with the green for 6 years, and while I like it okay, DH has never been a fan. I'd also like to go bold - am thinking a dark grey. It's hard going from a 1885 home with "good bones" to a 1978 home that has been added onto so many times it's verging on the Winchester house. And I'm trying to merge DH's love of rustic with my vision of something a little more modern.

I would like to keep the vanilla color in the other spaces, but bring in the charcoal and/or an accent color in other ways.

1. Will a warm grey or charcoal work with the brown sofas and woods? But maybe go a shade or two lighter on every wall but the wood stove wall? Any color suggestions? Will the stove blend too much? At some point, we may put stone in the alcove behind the stove. Is that too much? The mantle is awkward, I know.

2. The furniture arrangement may have to stay as it is. For one thing, the wood stove - used nightly - puts out a LOT of heat, so we need some distance there. The seating area faces a built-in stone shelf for the TV. The burgundy chair can go elsewhere if the color isn't right. The high table and chairs area is where my girls get crafty :) as is the maple cabinet.

3. Speaking of, I've thought of staining the maple cabinet to be more in line with the other wood tones. And changing the hardware. It's the only light maple piece we have in our house. Thoughts?

4. Any ideas on a rug? I'm thinking it would have to be at least a 9x12. Should I do a rug?

5. Window treatments - arg! There are electric baseboards beneath the windows behind the stove, as well as the large window in the seating area. I think fabric could give me such an impact but I am not sure what to do with the limitations. We have lovely views out the windows, too, so maybe it would be easier to go without? The French doors, as well as the windows in the dining and living rooms do not have baseboards below so I could do something there.

6. Originally, we were going to do wood on the ceiling and did not have the popcorn removed in the family room only. We still have to address the ceiling and replace the ceiling fan with ....?

7. In the nearby living room, I am replacing the chairs and am thinking of a more modern, simple look with fabric to tie in with whatever paint color is in the family room (or vice versa).

I REALLY appreciate your suggestions. This has been driving me crazy for a loooong time, and I so want my home to feel like it fits ME.

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