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Insulating Attic

13 years ago

I would like some advice on insulating my attic--problem is, the way it is now, there is precious little access to the underside of the roof!

My house was built in 1908, a foursquare (yucky term) with a hipped roof and three dormers and two chimneys. I have the original box gutters on all four sides, and the interior from the floor up the knee walls and entire ceiling is plaster and lath which is original. The roof sheathing is boards spaced about 1-2" apart, with several layers of asphalt shingles over that.

The area is one large room with storage in the kneewall areas on three sides, the fourth corner has a chimney going through it and no access at all--although my late cat had gotten in there by going under the windows in the dormer! She came out when I called her and shone a flashlight along the storage area floor.

I have seen Mike Holmes use spray foam on roofs, but I won't tear down my plaster to access it--what about blowing in cellulose? Since there are and never have been any vents in either the soffit or roof, I can't image rot being a problem--the rafters and boards visible in the storage areas look fine--I'm thinking those baffles aren't necessary.

Any advice? I'd like to blow in cellulose into the ceiling area and the knee walls...the rest of the house has had cellulose blown in for almost twenty years now.

Here is an exterior pic of the house.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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