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Primer tacky after 48 hours, where did I go wrong?

13 years ago


I have been reading for hours and hoping to find some help. Everyone here is so knowledgeable.

I am preparing my oak cabinets to paint. These doors appear to have a clear gloss on them. On one of the doors, I used Zinsser Paint Remover with Soyzol. I chose this due to the low odor. It appeared to remove the clear varnish/coating. I then sanded with a medium grit sandpaper sponge. I applied one thin layer of Cover Stain, waited 48 hours and it is still tacky. I can take the primer off with my fingernail.

On another door, I sanded and then primed. I have the same tacky result after applying the Cover Stain and waiting.

Where do I go from here? I assume I will have to start from scratch and that's ok.

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