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suggestions for baseboards in kitchen 1940s cape cod

13 years ago

hi everyone. DH and I are DIYing the upgrade to our 1950s style kitchen (it couldn't be salvaged, a roof leak molded the cabinets) and now that we've put in a new floor, we realized we have no idea what to do to make the baseboards look good.

The old baseboard was nothing but glued on vinyl

as you can see, we have 3/4" or so baseboards in the rest of the house. Should we go to the trouble of matching it (we would have to do it ourselves, we've read about buying a custom router piece which is less than $200 vs a mill which may top $1k) We have also considered a plain, thinner molding of equal height.

Any thoughts of suggestions? Here is the new floor as an idea (marmoleum) you can see where the old stuff was removed, we need molding straight down the left wall as we reconfigured out kitchen into an L shape.

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