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Updated Layout...

14 years ago

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on our kitchen layout.

That thread is getting long and complicated, so I thought it might make sense to start from the top with our now-current plan and see if folks have any additional thoughts.

A few things to highlight:

- the mudroom has become important to us and is what is keeping us from doing what our original plan was (expanding the current kitchen into the to-be mudroom)

- the windows shown over the banquette are high and we don't want to fool with them (which made putting the sink on that wall not very appealing to start with)

- we are very drawn to the idea of putting the "weight" of the kitchen in our current dining room space which gives us more integration into the family room space; we're fortunate that we can convert the currently vacant formal living room into a dining room

- this is fairly similar to the last version we posted though we have made the mudroom bigger and moved the entrance to the dining room so we lose the corner and move the fridge a little closer to the breakfast area

Things we're still not settled on:

- microwave placement; DH likes undercounter microwave and I don't. hmm.

- coffee station; DH wants a plumbed in espresso maker - seems like that should be close to the sink but also close to the fridge; maybe it should just live on the island but I'm not fond of that...

- is the cleanup sink too far from the eating area? we've gone back and forth with the sink and the range. The advantage of current placement is that we can put a soffit in to vent the hood through the adjacent office to the exterior with better visual appeal and fewer turns but the disadvantage is that the run will now be longer.

- pantry space for daily food. In our current tiny kitchen, we have food in 4 different places and we can never find what we're looking for. We'd like to have 1-2 places for it in the new kitchen. I like pull-out pantries, but DH doesn't. Current idea is to put a small built-in pantry next to the eating area and maybe one pullout next to the fridge. Big items will probably go in the closet in the mudroom.

- Where do the small appliances live and get used? We use a crockpot, a rice cooker and a toaster oven on a regular basis (1-2+ per week).

That's all from the eye of the D.C. area blizzard (boy, I need to get back to work soon!)... Thanks!

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