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Home office layout help

12 years ago

Our home office is half empty. We are planning to add a few pieces to it so we can actually use the home office.

It currently has a sofa (in front of three windows), a matching end table (next to the sofa), and a painting on the wall that faces the sofa.

We are thinking of adding a partner's desk (for 2 people) with 2 swivel chairs, a painting similar in size to the existing painting, and a few filing/storage cabinets.

The layout plan we came up with (please see below) has the desk sit perpendicular to the sofa, and parallel to the short wall. We wonder if that's going to look weird in real life. Maybe the desk should be brought a bit closer to the sofa? My husband also thinks the desk (79.5''L x 46''D x 31.5''H) might be a bit large, relative to the size of the room (15' x 15'10'').

Here are the links to the layout plan, which was drawn approximately to scale.

Home Office Possible Layout

Home Office Without Furniture

We would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

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