Has Anyone Made a Roman Shade?

13 years ago

I am still trying to decide on WT for the bedroom project I am working on. I have decided on deadhang panels on either side of the windows --- was going to put a valence in between to cover up the ugly vinyl shades - but then Les chimed in with "It would remind me of someone with long hair and bangs, like Cher". So not wanting to walk into my bedroom each time singing "I've got you Babe" --- hmm, on the other hand, maybe that would be a good idea, I have decided that the best way to finish this would be the roman shades. A lot of times, I keep the shades half-way down anyway, and they are quite ugly.

I have been researching how to make them and have read lots of instructions.

Shari Hiller has directions where she forms the pleats and sews them in, then just threads cord up through them and uses a dowel rod at the bottom. This doesn't make sense, and I am wondering if it would be for a shade that would not be meant to go up and down.

Other instructions say to form a pocket for each pleat and insert a dowel rod. Others say to sew a piece of seam tape across the shade to form the pocket. This seems like it would be less bulky.

Some instructions say to sew the rings at each pleat. Then there is a tape you can buy which has the rings on it, but then it would need to be sewn vertically. I don't know what the advantage of that would be over just sewing the rings on.

All in all, it doesn't seem like a difficult project, just very time consuming. I also have to figure out how to mount it once done.

So, if anyone has sewn these and has any tips, I would appreciate them. Thanks a lot.

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