office clutter and more stuff

12 years ago

I see all these nice little desk areas, office areas, but yet I fail to see how everything can be compact!

What do you do w/the file cabinet? We have oodles to file; insurance, iras, house sales, house buy, warranties, current receipts, taxes this year for next year, last years, previous years, geez, I need a 4 tier filing cabinet. Just where does that ugly thing go? I have so much paperwork, I don't know what to do with it.

My dh has dr referral letters, but yet doesn't go, but needs them. We have a home business, but he has stuff that he wants in the house, not out in the office itself (we fight about this), homeschool stuff, cameras; digital, video, dvd-r's cd-rw's for movies and copying, cables, (yes he says keep them),the shredder, the garbage, the printers, paper. And of course never one spot houses it all so I have to look in 3 places. Then there's the photo albums, and crafts. Yes, I've gone through it all, but what and where do you put this stuff when you don't have an attic or basement? I'm ready to house it all in the shed and label the shed, "House stuff".

I am so drowning. I am a very organized person. But just where does all this stuff go? And where the $#%@! do you put a huge filing cabinet? I'm sick of it.

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