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Selling house: Should I exchange out my expensive doorknobs and s

13 years ago

Hi everyone!

My husband and I are putting our home on the market in a month or two. We have completely gutted the house in the 4 years we have been here and done everything very high end. We just had it appraised and it appraised very high even with our current housing slump. I figure we should sell it while everything is still fresh and fashionable. I am currently doing the cleanout prior to showing it. I have a few quandaries...

I have really expensive locksets and hinges on all my interior doors and also have $8 electrical plates throughout my house. Do these small details add to the homes value or do you think I can switch them out without decreasing desirability. I would prefer to just take them with me to the next rehab house we choose.

Also I have drapery rods on every window that come out to about $200 a window. I know these huge French artichokes on 3 inch rods are not to everyones taste so is it better to show the house with them as an exclusion or remove them prior to putting on the market?

I would hate to see my favorite things thrown out by the new owners but I also don't want to strip the house of what makes it desirable to potential buyers.

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