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need help photos, slides, letters?

8 years ago

I do regularly weed out clothing and schedule a pick up from Viet Vets, Lupus, whoever happens to send a postcard or email around the time I am acculumlating stuff. This works quite well and is not so overwhelming.
However what I keep procrastinating doing is sorting through photos.
I have albums and albums, and hundreds maybe thousands of photos that are loose in boxes, on shelves... etc.
Most are of my immediate family (grown kids in their late 20's and early 30s now) but I also have a big box of papers and photos from my parents. I did go through that a bit, and was able to identify a few family members from way back and I passed those along to their families who were very happy to have them.
I also have those trays of slides (I don't even know how many there are- there must be easily 500 slides)

Is there anyone who can inspire me, guide me, give me a mantra, words of wisdom, motivate on how to tackle the photo thing?
thank you

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