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walk-in closet or reach-in?

10 years ago

The dilema of maximizing the closet space without affecting the living space is a long discussed topic... And here we go again...

We have two tiny rooms in our 1928 home that we just bought to create a better sized master bedroom. Now the room is 19'x13'. Ideally, I would have just long reach-in of 13x3 and leave 16x13 living space but because of the location of windows and hot water radiator (windows on either ends and one end with a window and a radiator...) can't have use either end of the wall to create 13x ** closet.

Now the choices will be building a walk-in closet of 5'x5' (6'x5' would be ideal but it looked as though it was eating up too much room) on the corner away from the windows, or do 7 or 6'x3' reach-in, It would "look" better with the reach-in because the room is now a perfect rectangle without a closet and deeper closet space sticking into the living space amy look a bit weird (though I could turn the nook created into a mini-seating space...). One of my friends told me that despite everything, making a walk-in may be better for the home's resale than a reach-in, especially with the length of the possible reach-in being that small.

Would it be worth while to create a 5x5 "walk-in" (far from the ideal dimension as a WIC..) or stick to a reach in?

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