I desperately need help with my purse contents

14 years ago

My purse is not that big nor is it heavy when empty. I don't work so there's nothing in it that is work-related. My shoulder hs been hurting lately so I decided to weigh my purse. It weighs 5 pounds. I obviously have a problem.

There are 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper of some medical things that I am presently taking care of and need them should I get a call on my cell phone while out. I know this sort of stuff should be in a notebook but some of it was given to me and I don't want to rewrite everything. There's also a little plastic holder with a bunch of addresses that I know I can put into a tiny address book. Then there's a very small wallet that holds plastic on both sides with a zippered middle. There's also some medications that I take and find it helpful to have them available in my purse. Besides these items, there's more paper, a few coupons, pens and I don't know what else without pulling it all out. My keys and cell phone are kept in there as well.

One of those foldable pocket things would not work for me because I know myself. I would not put things back in them.

I know a notebook would be a solution for me but every time I start one, I never keep it up.

I've always had this problem but lately it's been getting worse. I know that I cause these problems for myself but I really need to make my purse lighter.

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