Exterior Wood door vs ThermaTru door - Dilemma

9 years ago

Hello Forum,

I am very undecided about my main entrance door. My house is a Garrison Colonial built in 1939. It has 4 window top floor of the house and 2 downstairs. Door is on the left facing the house. We just rebuilt the stairs with beautiful round stones to match the foundation of the house. We also built a hatch with round ceiling to have a nice lantern fixture hanging and welcoming the visitors and...the door. We installed wood black shutters and good hardware. Basically we are trying to keep the tradition, lifting up a personality that the Garrrison Colonian does not have. I hate plastic and it has been always hard for me to opt for synthetic material vs natural. We would like to put a Simpson door like:

The door will be stained to keep the wood as natural as we can.

My husband still wants a full view storm door and I am not thrilled about it. In addition to it, the quality of anything has been going down in the last 20 years: the wood doors that came with the house are still wonderful and hold the paint, the one we added to the addition 2 years ago have very extreme expansion which messed up the painting during the summer. The other option is to have a ThermaTru door...however: 1) every TT door I have seen looks like a feak wood door, any TT dealer in the area does not have sample of the different color I am concerned if I can see a color only on paper! I am in NE, what should I do? Is the Simpson door really a good door or should I go for a TT. Is there any specific model that really look like real wood? So far the door with the 4 lights (like the Simpson) I have seen do not look like real wood to me. Please I need some help here to make up my mind.

Thanks in advance!


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