Need ideas for re-usable grocery bag storage

11 years ago

I have a bunch of re-usable grocery bags that I buy with good intentions, but have a hard time getting them to the store. The problem is that they are all different sizes and many don't re-fold as nicely as when they were brand spanking new. I've just de-cluttered my laundry room and I want to make a home for these, but I'm at a loss as to how to contain them. Storing them all in my car is not really an option.

I probably have about 10 of the regular grocery sized ones, I've got 4 extra large ones (I just picked at Dick's Sporting Goods 4/$1!!!), a few big IKEA bags and some large Costco bags.

Please tell me how you typically store your bags. If you store them in your laundry room/utility/basement/mudroom or whatever, how do you contain them?



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