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Help! I've fallen under a mountain of papers and I can't get up..

Sophie Ingerslew
12 years ago

Hey guys, here's hoping for some good advice. Okay, my twins started kindergarten this year which means all 5 of my children are in school. It seems like each child brings home a small truckload of papers every week. Also, my three youngest have assignments that are ongoing throughout each week (ie, projects, spelling lists, sight words). I want to implement a system so I can store these things where I can see them. Right now I only have two options. I can put some decorative wall files above my current work area, which consists of a computer desk on a 4 ft stretch of wall in my breakfast room. The desk has room for my monitor, printer and a small basket for my bills. I already have a bulletin board above my desk, but I am out of room. My other option is that we have a long hallway off the kitchen where we are in process of building lockers for the kids. I don't want to put anything in the lockers themselves, but was wondering if I could do something tasteful along the wall across the way:

view from laundry

view from kitchen

My one concern here is that every morning there are 5 people putting on backpacks and shoes in this space, so whatever I do can't stick out from the wall in an obtrusive way. I am open to any and all suggestions!

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