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Coffee table/ottoman help!

10 years ago

What size ottoman/coffee table do I need for my room? (Layout in the link) We have two big Leather sofa's, 88" x 40" each, set up in an "L" configuration. We also have these two stool/bench seats (backless) upholstered in Cow Hide. We also have a Toddler and another to come some day soon - so we are leaning towards an ottoman.

Question is - how big? We are all tall, so assuming 16 -18 inches distance from couches to table - It would take a 56" or a 52" square to "fill" the space and be equally reachable from all seats. But - is that just Huge and crazy? Help!

If we used a round table it may look better, but would that be super uncomfortable to use? We have to be comfortable too.

Thanks in advance! (will also post in furniture forum)
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Here is a link that might be useful: Layout

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