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Would love help on picking out a cream paint color

9 years ago

I am terrible at picking out paint. I don't think I've ever picked out one that I didn't hate. Now we are living in a one very small room cabin and everything is dark dingy rough sawn pine - the walls, floors, countertop, shelves, bench, cabinets, ladder - so I wanted to choose a nice warm cream color for the walls. I love the kitchen in this photo and wanted a color close to it for ours but a touch lighter so it might make our place feel a little bigger. I've read a ton of past threads and blogs but am only getting more overwhelmed. I tested out Behr Magnolia Blossom and yesterday when I first painted some (cloudy day) it seemed to bright white but looking at it now on a sunny this sunny morning it looks beautiful. Can I expect to find a color that I will like in all lighting? Now I want to paint the walls before refinishing the floors and counter because I am so messy with painting and this will warm up the space quite a bit. With that in mind should I choose a more subdued color that will reflect the color of the pine floors? We live in coastal Maine with large windows on the north an south side and smaller ones on the east and west. We don't have electrical lights yet an use candles and kerosene lanterns but will be getting LEDs soon. Sorry for so much rambling but any advice, paint suggestions would be so helpful!

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