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Can anyone help me with upholstery fabrics?

13 years ago

I've googled and googled until my little fingers are about to fall off. I've also visited the local and not so local fabric stores. So far in my search I've turned up nada!

So I'm hoping someone here might have a good source for me to follow up on. I'm looking for 54'' upholstery fabric, with a pattern that would take kindly to being railroaded preferably. I'm in love with a lot of the Amy Butler fabrics, but she only has a few lines that are 54" and considered upholstery grade .. while I adore those lines, they aren't the colors I need. Her Lotus collection is more where I'm headed, with the empasis on the patterns that have red in them .. they're only 45" wide and a lighter weight fabric. I'd really actually prefer something red and white, with a large, bold graph design. Although something with red, white, green and blue might work too.

So with all that said, does anyone know of a good source for upholstry fabrics similar to this feel? I'm tried all the easy links .. like, joanne, dever fabric, handcock, fabricguru,reprodepot,carolinecreative .. the list goes on and on .. if it's on google I've looked at it. *LOL*

Below is the Amy Butler Lotus collection just to see what I'm talking about :

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric

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