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Creative and inexpensive ideas

12 years ago

I was over on the Home Decorating forum, looking at cottage style kitchens, and I noticed a lot of the pictures were showing creative and probably inexpensive ideas for kitchens.

So, I started wondering, does anyone do those fun, but not always professional, kitchen decorating...often seen in 70's and 80's (and sometimes 90's) magazines? The decorated cabinet doors, everything from hand painted to magazine/calender pictures, with urethane over them? The backsplashes with hand painted (your hands) tiles or metal/tin ceiling tiles, with a coat of paint? Painted wooden floors with throw rugs...or sometimes painted rugs? Painted appliances or an old chandlier/light fixture, repainted and given new life?

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone on the forum has done anything like that in their kitchen? Did you do it, family member, friend? If you're not good at painting, maybe stenciling, stamping, etc? Anyone remember macrame plant hangers? Do you sew your own curtains/pillows, valances? If you have any fun ideas...please share them...or better yet, a picture :)

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