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Can't find post anywhere--can I put my oven next to my fridge?

14 years ago

I have just completed an exhaustive search of both this forum and the Appliance forum, as I think I have seen this answered somewhere (and I just got done reading some posts that wonder where people's etiquette went, being too lazy to look it up before asking again). Maybe that post dropped off, as it was some time ago. Anyway, my search being fruitless, I will go ahead and ask -- can I put a wall oven cabinet that will contain a 30" Wolf and an Advantium 120, next to my fridge? I have a landing spot elsewhere but just wonder if the heat from the oven will interfere with the efficient functioning of the fridge? I am not sure whether to post this here or in appliances, but as it is a layout question, I suppose, I'm starting here. Thanks as always --

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