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Foundation Inspection All Done!! Phew!

11 years ago

Well... It definitely wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. The foundation is not stone, but blocks. However, all the blocks are in very very good shape. We need a slight lift(I say slight cuz it could be worse)a few new joists as some were rotting.

Lift and Joist work estimated at $8,500

WE are not paying for it either ;) After the engineer was out, the owner called around, engineer stayed on site. Foundation repair inspector came out, engineer gave the report, and we got the estimate. Owner is having all of this done without us paying for it, he scheduled it to all start in Mid Sept.

AND to our surprise, he also asked us to find a roofer we like, and is affordable to come look at the roofing. He is going to have all that fixed as well, plus new gutters, and pulling some dirt away from the house(bit of moisture, dirt was still dry a ways down)

The siding people SCREWED up the siding really bad, had it coming down to the ground, where rain and other moisture from the dirt outside of the house(Garden areas) were allowing it to be damp, along with some very leaky and untidy gutters.

We took a peek in the attic, it is blown insulation I THINK lol I have a picture of what it looks like, but not the exact picture, We took the camera but hubby didn't check to see if the SD card was in it...NO memory card :(

We do have continuous ridge venting, and under the overhang I think hubby said eaves, he counted 15 on each side of each eave, except in the breezeway and garage(No attic over them) I'm trying to do the math of exactly how many(he is napping before work)

When getting a quote from a different roofer today, he suggested architect shingles and nothing really black as it makes the shingles very hot and the lifespan short lived? Makes sense.

I am SOO wanting to pull back the siding to see whats behind it. The lady who had it done said it wasn't her choice. She recieved some government loan or grant for upgrading the house, and she came home one day with half the house in suran wrap. They said it's what they were called out to do. I called and spoke to the original owner who had the property willed to her, and she said it has aluminum siding, which is what was on it in the winter picture I posted in the roofing thread.

Would it be worth seeing if the aluminum would be worth salvaging or just leave the siding on?

Anyways, That was my day. The picture below is what the insulation looks like in the attic *Not actual pic of THE attic*

The roofer said the moisture issues could be from the decking leaking as it is in need of desperate help.

OH, also...the engineer told us, that some of the roofing on the house may look unlevel, as it is very difficult to put a level addition on an already unlevel home. Makes sense, but we are still having the work done. We put an offer in with an inspection clause, but we still have 2 more inspections to do. He also accepted our offer!!! We put in an offer a while back with the contract and an inspection clause, $55,200 and we pay closing costs as he is paying for repairs.

He has a foundation repair company known for very good work, they have done numerous historical commercial buildings and historical residential homes!!! I am thrilled!!!!! But it's not done yet, still need to pass other inspections first, but minor things we can do ourselves!


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