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How do you organize your recycling? (Pics?)

16 years ago

Hi everyone,

I usually post on Building a Home, but I recently started lurking here, and it's a wonderful forum! I am currently building a house and have the intimidating job ahead of planning all my storage and "organizational" space. I really want to do it right, as I am a terrible housekeeper and I want to make everything work to my advantage.

Anyway, my husband and I really want to start recycling more. We try to do a few cans, but in our current house we just don't have any room to organize this type of stuff. We burn most of our cardboard, but again, it just piles up in the corner of the kitchen until DH gets around to burning.

In our new home, I will have a lot more space and I really want to set things up right in the beginning to make recycling feasible. I was thinking of having space under the kitchen cabinets for one or two bins to hold the stuff and maybe a little area for flattened cardboard.

We have minimal requirements for recycling in our county. All materials can be mixed, and they don't have to be crushed or anything. We live out in the country, but there is an independent hauler who will do a roadside pick-up weekly. Or, I could haul it into town every week or two and take it to the recycling center or have it picked up at my office.

Could anyone share how they organize their trash/recycling? Pictures would be great.


Here is a link that might be useful: Owl's home blog (pictures)

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