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Soapstone seams in Python

12 years ago

I am currently looking at soapstone counter tops and I went this past weekend to M. Texiera in NJ. Currently, the Cobra and Python soapstones are on sale and they only come in small slabs(-maybe the reason for the sale?) Anyway, when they came up with the configuration for the counters it became apparent that I would have 3 seams. Is this typical? I have a long stretch of counter (144")with the sink in the middle and there is a corner at each end. There would be a seam at the sink, as expected, and then one at each corner. Admittedly, I am definitely OCD and I think that this may bother me. Since the stone is not too busy, I am wondering maybe it will hide the seams fairly well. Any thoughts?

Also, any suggestions on soapstone that is not too busy and does not have green in it. I harder type would be appreciated as well

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