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Affinity Colors:Inspired,Amorous,Slip,Aplomb,Kalamata. Anybody?

12 years ago

I am determined that I am going to choose a color, and get it over with. I will not buy a million sample jars first.

Time is of the essence. DD2 is coming home FRIDAY and I need to have the room painted before Wed, (the new bed comes that day).

Here's the background. She asked for purple. The Hollywood Glam Look. I said sure, because you know I love the purple and gray together. However....the 2 story foyer is painted Baltic Gray, and the ceiling is Wrought Iron in High gloss. As you reach the top of the stairs, straight ahead is DD2's room. I was a little afraid of the color looking too dark. And yet all the lighter purples were looking too "little girl-ish". I also don't want a purple that "glows".

So, we decided to do white walls, and use purple bedding, drapes, accents along with the whites and crystals to give us the Hollywood glam look.

So, finding bedding in this color scheme is incredibly hard. Oh you can find it, but it looks like it should be in "an old person's bedroom". Or in a child's room. Not quite the look for a 20 year old. I did find a duvet cover at West Elm, but it is called Amethyst, and I just know it will turn out pink, but I might order it anyway.

Back to the paint....went to BM store on Saturday, had a discussion with the "expert" there. We bought a can of "Calm", without testing it. Hey, it's an off white. My dh was so proud. We came home, I cut it in. ACKKKK, it looks like Antique white! Horrible! FLESH COLOR! Not at all what we wanted.

So, I quickly sent Maria Killam an email and asked her what white to use. She told me that all whites unless the room is flooded with light will always look "dirty". She did give me one suggestion if I really wanted to do white. (Simply White) She also gave me some suggestions that would allow me to "save" the expensive can of Flesh paint. None of which will work for this project.

So, I began thinking last night. Maybe I can find a "purple" that will work. I need to find it FAST!!! Like today at lunch, so I can get it on the walls in the next 2 days.

I am looking at BM's Affinity colors. I had such a surprise with the Wasabi color downstairs in the Living Room, that I feel confident with these colors that they won't turn out crazy.

So, my choices are the following, does anyone have any that you might be able to share a photo or a vote of confidence?

BM Affinity:

Slip AF-605

Inspired AF-595

Amorous AF-600

Aplomb AF-625

Kalamata AF-630 (love this color, but am fearful it would be too dark, especially with the hallway)

I know that the LVR or LRV should come into play. But I don't know how to find out that information.

Go to it team!

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