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HGTV nightmare program!

17 years ago

HGTV has a new show that is basically my nightmare - two guys pick up things out of people's trash on the curb, refurbish it and then TAKE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE! AAAAAIAIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! They dump it off, ring the doorbell and hide to watch the people 'discover' their refurbished trash.

I have to say, if I put something in the trash, I want it to STAY there or at the very least, NOT COME BACK. I don't care what they make out of it - I did not want it and do not want it back, no matter what they do with it!

For years I had been loading up junk in the truck for DH to carry to the dump to throw away. When we cleaned out our storage building (a 24x48" 'tool shed'), I found that DH not only had unloaded a lot of that stuff in the tool shed instead of taking it to the dump, he had picked up MORE stuff at the dump and brought it home! Except of course, the bag of silver for our show halters that he was supposed to take to the barn and carefully carried to the dump and left...

Oh the HGTV show - it is called "Junk Brothers".

What do you think?


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