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Removing big ugly light box from texured ceiling

15 years ago


Does anyone here have experience with removing the large flourescent light box from a textured ceiling? The ceiling texture is the type that looks like it was slapped up there with a small mop, if you know what I mean. Sort of a flower/star pattern. (sorry no pics, but hopefully you can picture this). The house is almost 8 years old, and the big box has been on the ceiling since it was built. I am concerned that when we remove the box (to replace it with a semi-flush fixture) the area where the light box was will look much whiter and cleaner than the rest of the ceiling. I really don't think that this type of ceiling is paintable because there is just so much texture. Even if it is paintable, it is not a project I'd like to take on!

Has anyone removed one of these before, and what can I expect to see under it? I am almost sure the ceiling is finished underneath (it better be!). I know I'll have to have some screw holes patched. Am I getting into something too difficult? I really hate the big ugly box, so please tell me this is do-able!

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