How to organize a weird closet

9 years ago

Hi, I'm new here but have been lurking around for a while. It seems like a good community in the sense for organizer freaks like myself.

The problem that I'm having and have been having since moving into a new house is with the closet in my room. The closet is the oddest closet I have seen in my life and I think it was made at the last minute, by people who really wanted to go home after work, or a drunk person. It's a sort of long and tall closet but is very narrow. VERY NARROW. The picture I included is a roughly drawn out diagram that includes the measurements of closet, including the closet door.

The top picture is supposed to be the view from above the closet (looking down. The basic shape of my closet is a narrow rectangle. In inches, the length of the closet is 50 1/4 inches and has a 15 inch depth (these 15 inches are one of the major problems with this damn closet). The door of the closet is located literally at the left end (or beginning). The crudely drawn picture on the bottom is supposed to be the front view of the closet. One of the good things about the closet is that it's height is the same as the ceiling, which is 10 feet. The door is 79 3/4 inches in length and 23 7/8 inches width. The door must have been measured wrong or has so many coats of paint on it because it closes very tightly and doesn't close fully with the over door shoe holder. You'll notice an empty space by the right side of the door; that's because that is a wall (yes the closet is much longer than the opening).

I have no idea what to do with this closet because certain width hangers won't fit in it, it's hard to reach clothes on the right side, and it's difficult to store things on the top shelf. The room is there to store many things on the top shelf but the problem is with the opening to the door, which will not allow certain sized boxes to pass through it. I have an extendable shoe rack on the floor, which has worked out decently and my clothes hang from a single, wooden pole.

I hope this all made sense to people and I can take more pictures if it helps. Sorry for the long post and crude drawings!

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