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Shopping for a [ahem] "blizzard"

10 years ago

So, we're scheduled to get 6" or so of snow on Wednesday night. For this Michigan-born-and-raised chick, this is a mild inconvenience, not a blizzard.

However, having been here for 32 years (O.M.G.) I know how the DC area operates -- or doesn't.

I'm going to the store today because 1) I have no food, and 2) I'm kinda hungry, and 3) Cookie Dough.

I thought I'd share my laughter when I realized I also need... milk (for my coffee) and TP. I'm skipping the bread part. Around here, people might not drink milk, use TP or eat bread, but if there's a blizzard? By God they stock UP!

I usually just park my truck at the end of the drive with my windshield wipers up. I don't worry about anything else. If I weren't really, absolutely empty on food, I wouldn't even bother looking outside. But I actually have an empty 2nd freezer and condiments in my fridge. No canned food at all. Oh. Rice. I have rice.

I'm gonna get in and out early -- beat the Milk & TP crowd. What do you do if you know it's going to snow?

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  • 10 years ago

    Oh, I remember the blizzard of '78. It was blowing as I got off work at 0730 am. One of my co-workers ran across the street to the employee parking to start her car to warm up -- but then she couldn't get back across because the wind was blowing so hard.
    The Red Cross with their 4 wheel drive vehicles came around to pick up hospital employees the next few days to get them to and from work.
    I don't remember how much snow exactly, just that once the roads were plowed, the snow along the sides of the roads towered over the cars.

    I've been fortunate to not have ever lost power in winter for more than a day. The Christmas ice storm several years ago was the last time....I remember being out at 6am, digging out the car to go to work, and seeing the flashes of popping transformers going off all around me. I thought it was lightening at first.

    The longest I've been without power was Hurricane Ike in 2008 -- 8 days. Thanks to my employer's ice machines I was able to save all my refrigerated and frozen food!

  • 10 years ago

    Aww, @prairiemoon2 you're making me nostalgic. I was about the age of my 4th grader when the blizzard of 78 hit, and I still remember how the snowdrifts obscured 2/3 of the windows on the first floor of our house, and made it hard to open the doors. My parents wound up walking to our small town's grocery store halfway through the week. Maybe I've repressed it, but I can't remember many power outages up there growing up, and definitely not during the decade I lived in the city of Boston after college. Meanwhile, in MD, the power seems to go out with every stiff wind. We've been lucky the past few (smaller) storms, but I figure it's time our luck ran out

    @CEFreeman, we definitely hole up with any accumulation. We're lucky that we live on a county (busy) road, so we get plowed early and often. And there's a smallish neighborhood grocery store just a few blocks away which is an easy walk in any weather. And unlike most supermarkets here it sells wine! I walked up there during one of the storms a few years ago, and a neighbor saw me and offered to give me a ride back. I turned him down since the walk was a nice break from my house-bound crazy kids... and then looked back a few minutes later to see him sliding down a small hill in his 4-wheel drive!

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  • 10 years ago

    I, too, remember the blizzard of '78. It was one of those events in life that you remember where you were and what you were doing.

  • 10 years ago

    Also in the Canadian prairies like dawn_t. I have wine. I have canned soup and beans. We have frozen fruit and chicken and dog food. We will not starve. And my DH works at a grocery store, so as long as he can get home, he can bring me what ever we need :)

  • 10 years ago

    Interesting thread, being a Southern California native for over six decades. I opened the thread only because I thought shopping for a "blizzard" might be a new brand refrigerator or ice maker, or even a blender that I hadn't heard about!
    Actually, a very enlightening read for me, and makes me quite thankful my grandparents on both sides decided to come out here and settle in the early 1900s from St. Paul MN, and Albany NY

    Well, carry on with your topic, keep warm, and I'll go back outside and trim some trees or mow the lawn, (in my shorts and T-shirt ;)

  • 10 years ago

    I'll tell you guys a secret.
    I have to whisper.

    I live on a lane and a half road that cuts from one rural highway to another. We're the only way across as a short cut.

    Out of all the roads in the area, we get plowed.
    The woman who used to be 2nd in command of the GAO lived 2 houses down. So they ploughed her out.

    About 6 years ago she retired and moved to Florida. They still plough....


  • 10 years ago

    @Smalloldhouse, Raee, Ajsmama, and Anna, you are right everyone in the Boston area remembers where they were in the Blizzard of '78. :-)

    Well, they missed the forecast on that one if I remember right. No one was prepared, it wasn't supposed to be that bad. And no one was told to stay home and they all got stuck on the highway. I am always surprised that the snow totals weren't higher, because it seemed like more snow then I had ever seen, but there was a lot of wind and the snow drifted so much higher. We couldn't see our car in the driveway, it was covered in a snow drift. And after four days of being stuck in the house, two of us walked 3 miles to the next town over to visit a friend, and stayed and made chocolate chip cookies and went sledding down their hill. No cars were allowed on the streets, even if you could get out. The sun was out that day, gorgeous snow covered scenery with no dirty snow because of no cars. It was really magical. Like Raee said, the snow on the sides of the road towered over everything. We passed a lot of people on the roads, also walking. Some pulling plastic sleds behind them to carry groceries home from the store.

    Ajsmama, that's a funny story that you had to climb out the windows to shovel the car, but now I remember on the news, there were a lot of photos of doorways blocked by snow and even first floor windows covered in it.

    I know a lot of people experienced a lot of hardship, but we just had a really good time spending more time with each other than we normally had a chance to and getting out in the snow. There also was a feeling of camaraderie and neighbors helping neighbors.

    I remember that blizzard you had in Buffalo in 1977, too Debra. In the Boston area, on the news channel weather forecast, they loved to tell us how much snow Buffalo was having and we were always amazed. And thanks for that idea about siphoning off the gas from the car for the generator. Hadn't thought of that.

  • 10 years ago

    I live in Atlanta, yesterday Costco was out of bread, I mean COSTCO who has thousands of loaves of bread! I ended up buying Toda sandwich rolls as they and a lonely lifetime supply bag of soft tortillas were the only two bread things left on all those sparkling chrome shelves. â¦well it didn't snow today and was 40 degrees but we still didn't go out, it's the thought that counts. They keep saying it's really going to be bad tomorrow. No one went to school or work today and even our church is closed. We did get to watch the Olympics all day and I have been on GW way too much today. : )) I think I am all caught up now. LOL.

    Well, here is an update, it's the next morning and it's BAD outside with blowing freezing rain and it's scary!!! It's so dark and the trees are starting to get loaded with ice here, that is the danger for many people when they fall. I'm glad I have my Toda Sandwich Rolls I got at Costco now. I just had a half of one with some peanut butter and it wasn't half bad for breakfast! My dogs don't want to go out for potty break, this could be a problem... I am wishing all of you well!

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  • 10 years ago

    We don't worry...we have JR and a sleigh!!! Of course, we do not get that much snow, we had to drive 40 miles north to get these pictures!!

    It was crazy at Kroger a couple of weeks ago, though. The bread aisle looked like beagle's picture!


  • 10 years ago

    We live at the top of a hill - to get anywhere, we have to go down a fairly steep area. BUT, our next door neighbor works for the township and we are a block away from an elementary school...which means, our roads are usually pretty good.

    Until they run out of salt for the roads.
    And they run out of diesel for the snow trucks.
    Neither is good news.

    Both of the above we are in danger of happening because of how tough the winter has been in SW PA this year.

    We're usually pretty well stocked here at the house. In almost all cases, we could get through at least month or more without needing TP to be bought....I got that neurosis about running out of TP from my mom. Thanks Mom!, we don't eat it much here. Except if I make it fresh. Every once in a while rolls...but we'd be fine without either.

    Milk is our big one and I have made a milk run if there's an upcoming storm. Because you've got to have something for with the cookies.

  • 10 years ago

    I'm surprised none of you are recalling the 1995(?) blizzard? It was Veteran's Day and here in DC it was one of those surprise storms. People slept in their cars on the bridges (way cold!) Now, I might be confusing this with one in the 80s. I remember I was managing a corporate travel agency and everyone thought it was such a great idea to call us from home! When we finally left, way too late, we got complaints to our corporate that we were unreachable or didn't answer the phone. Huh?

    Because come to think of it, in '95 my DH spent a week sleeping on the floor in a rehab center where his mom had had a stroke. He fed people put them on and off the potty, fixed their roof, shoveled their drive, and rehabbed his mom. I really think that week is why she recovered from a stroke where she was never supposed to walk or talk well at all, again.

    In 2011 I slept at my job for both storms. My truck is so light I couldn't get up very low grades to get home. You could push it sideways on level, iced ground just by leaning on it. Now that was some heavy snow & ice!

    I'm off for wine today. Other than that, I'm ready. Maybe I should get some gas...

  • 10 years ago

    Last night was the coldest night of this winter and the coldest night I can ever remember. I was -6.9 at about 6 am in our yard. I realize for some areas of the country that is nothing but for WNY that is cold!

    Schools have been closed several times this year because of cold. Today, the coldest day as I mentioned, all schools were open.

  • 10 years ago

    It is bright sunshine here this morning, but the temps were around zero overnight (as has happened so often this winter). Truly this is an unusually cold winter for central Ohio. I am hoping that the prolonged snow cover (also unusual) will allow some of zone-marginal plants to survive -- but then, they will probably root-rot when it all melts and just pools in the yard.

    Debrak2008, are you near the lakes? I am surprised that that is the coldest it has been, I always thought that your area ran colder than here.

    I don't remember blizzards in either 1977 or 1995, but they probably didn't hit here. I do remember in 1977 it hitting -25f. I was still in school (college) -- and remember being surprised that classes were not cancelled. Mine was the only car on the block that would start that morning.

    It might have been 1994 when it hit -22f. My DD's school was closed for that, I believe that we had a fair amount of snow then too.

    How often city schools have been closed for low temperatures this year has been quite the topic of discussion. I clearly remember walking to school in temps of +3f -- I remember because my fingers got so cold, my mother went out and bought new mittens for me that evening (no, city parents didn't drive their children to school in those days). I really don't ever remember school being closed for low temps when I was a child (although they might have been for below zero days), only for significant snow.

  • 10 years ago

    I'm 10 minutes north east of downtown Buffalo. So actually fairly close to Lake Erie, the Niagara River, and Lake Ontario. Lake Erie, I think actually keeps us warm when its not frozen yet???? Some people in the southern tier reported -20 last night.

    Contrary to what most of the world thinks our weather is pretty nice here if you like the change of seasons. We do get some snow in the winter but often outdoor winter festivals get cancelled due to lack of snow or too high of temps in January. Spring, summer, and fall is wonderful. Since most weather patterns come off lake erie it does have a great effect on our weather.

    During the blizzard of '77 we did get a lot of actual snow fall that year before the blizzard. Most of the "snow" during the blizzard was snow that had already fallen and was sitting on frozen lake erie. The strong winds picked up that snow and piled it in high drifts everywhere.

  • 10 years ago

    Great thread you started! I'm also in the DC area so I know first hand the bread and milk craziness. Thankfully I did weekly shopping yesterday so I'm all set. The only change up was getting chocolate chips so my husband can make snow-day cookies since he'll most likely stay home if the storm happens (he has a long drive). I will hike the 3/4 mile into work in snow gear since I have no desire to take vacation time and our office never loses power. Crossing fingers that my house doesn't lose power.
    I remember the 1995 blizzard, we were flying back from vacation and got stuck in Ireland on a layover and had to deplane and spend 2 nights in a hotel. It was a hoot but I was a kid and didn't have my parents stresses. The hotel/airline did provide free lodging and 3 meals and let us go through immigration and go into town. Mom wanted to rent a car but I had to remind her that they drive on the other side.

  • 10 years ago

    I was back in CT in the 90's, don't remember significant snow but plenty of hurricanes - working for the USN and you know it's bad when they send the submarines out to sea to weather the storm. 1994 moved to RI with the Navy and the weather there is a bit milder. Just moved back to the family farm 2007 and it's been strange weather ever since.

    Got my bottled water (32 1/2l bottles - there was plenty in stock), milk, OJ, King Arthur white flour (running out of wheat but BJ's doesn't carry it), and gas (the only lines were at the pumps). So should be set except if DH wants me to get more gas for the snowblower - have half a can full, and I don't want it in the Subaru so I'll get some tonight, take the truck when I bring DD to Girl Scouts. Oh, better ask about propane - that might be hard to find tonight. Hard to tell if we'll lose power, they are predicting heavy wet snow but it's not like there are leaves on the trees like in Oct 2011.

    Oh, and as I understand it, it's only a blizzard when there's blowing snow and visibility is 1/4 mile or less for several hours - though I have heard "possible blizzard conditions" mentioned during regular "heavy" snowstorms. But that certainly was the case in '78 - lucky we weren't out when it hit. Funny, I remember my brother and I having to shovel the house out, but I don't remember where my dad was at the time. He was driving tractor-trailer back then, and could have been on the road out west somewhere.

  • 10 years ago

    If I know there is a storm coming, I am one who usually does make the great grocery run. Not so much because of worry about getting caught for perpetuity without sustenance, but because I look at those potential days off as a cookingpalooza.

    This week I went to the store Sunday night because I knew Monday evening/night would be a madhouse. Monday evening was when I was originally planning on making my weekly pilgrimage, but after hearing the weather forecast I knew Monday would be like the day before Thanksgiving. After talking to three different people yesterday in three different conversations it must have been a madhouse.

    So Monday night getting ready for the freeze in was lasagna, French bread, and salad. DS2 and I also made a batch of Symphony brownies. Yesterday I made chicken and sausage gumbo. We will have that again tonight (better the second day), and I will freeze the rest. I also made a vegetable stock with some leftover produce remnants that I had in the freezer and what I had left over from the gumbo. Today I have red beans soaking to make red beans and rice later. I love cooking good hearty winter warm you up dishes so that's my reasoning for large grocery runs pre-storm, and I'm sticking to it!

    Though we don't get regular snows each year like in other parts of the country, we do get ice. It is not every winter but maybe every three to four years sometimes more often. This week for us it is ice. In the previous storms this winter, we have gotten the crazy temperatures but no ice or snow (A few hours worth one afternoon, no stick). My family further south and in my hometown got snow last week which stuck for three days. That is unheard of in this part of the world. I know many hate being cooped up during storms. If I had to do it on a regular basis I might too, but as it is now I love it.

    Hello to all of you in Maryland. DH, DS2, and I were just in Baltimore in January. The week after the polar vortex and the week before the next big storm hit. We were lucky on our timing.

    Stay Warm!!!

  • 10 years ago

    Also in DC area, so I went to Costco to buy bread, cookies, milk (we were out of it), etc. no cookie dough or toilet paper. It wasn't busy at all.
    Then I came home and, nice as I am, agreed to take a survey for Pepco (our electricity supplier and one of the worst nationwide in terms of reliability). They asked me to rate various radio ads, including one of a customer raving how great it was that since the summer of 2012 she hadn't lost power (July 2012, thousands, including me, were without power for 5 days or longer during a major heat wave). The other ad raved on how great it is that now you can track the power outages online with real-life updates. Uh, not sure what you do when your power is out and your cell phone is dead, but hey, your friends with a generator can track it....
    So, right now charging cell phone and Kindle to get ready.

  • 10 years ago

    Hi, another report from Maryland. The snow started right on time about 7:00. The school system made the announcement that schools would be closed tomorrow at 2:50 -remarkably early. I was out and about yesterday and today- the stores and parking lots were not crowded- not the norm in this area when snow is forecast. While I am not looking forward to shoveling a heap of snow, being snowbound, and maybe losing power, I do like the time to chat with neighbors, with whom I haven't really spoken, siince summer as we dig out. I am hoping to make Linzer tart cookies, a family fav which I have not made in years, for a Valentine's Day surprise. I guess my neighborhood book club will be cancelled tomorrow night. It has been active for almost 30 years with many original members. In past years, we walked in the snow to the hostess's house, but now we have many elderly members - not me- who would be unable to venture out. Everyone, wherever you are, stay warm and safe.

  • 10 years ago

    So I'm home now.
    Stopped for a glass of wine with my friend.
    It was starting to flurry out there.

    I'm having the hardest time eating around these darned chocolate chips. Do you think I could order some of this with just the dough part?

    Hang tight, all.

    Just had a thought. (Don't worry, it didn't hurt.)
    Back on 9/11, I was in NYC. My first trip. Paid for a view of the World Trade Center. Coming back from a 6:00 am yoga class, I watched the planes fly into the buildings. Thought they were making a movie.

    During the subsequent week, I couldn't get out of the restricted zone, because I wouldn't be able to return to my hotel. No ID showing residency. The internet, CompuServe forums and the boards (now also absorbed by iVillage) were my only contact with my DH here in DC. There were no phones, and the cell towers had crashed during the other 5 buildings' collapses.

    The support and horror I was able to get and share were probably why I'm not more wonky today than I am. To have "voices" in the face of the unknown I now look at as invaluable. To this day, I still correspond with one of the yoga teachers in California, who was there, online (before chat stuff) just looking for me to post.

    We're all joking about the blizzard, and we're all (probably) gonna survive just fine. After 3 glasses of wine and an overdose of cookie dough, I just thought I'd mention how valuable every single one of you are in the face of just that: the unknown.

    Anybody who worries about posting their finished kitchens is just silly. Where are you going to meet so many people who offer unconditional support? Sure, your cats and dogs, but they can't tell you how much you make them laugh, feel safe -- or crazy -- or like you'd be missed.

    Ok. Done. Gotta eat something besides this dough or I'll be up all night on a sugar high.

    Love you guys! :)

  • 10 years ago

    I'm in Northern VA. Grew up in Buffalo, so it took me a while to adjust to the differences here. So I got my shopping done yesterday morning...more for cookingpalooza purposes than actual need (though we were out of milk and ketchup...). I'm thinking about making chicken tortilla soup for my shovelers.

    There will be a bakingpalooza as well. Usually homemade bread, bagels, cookies...mmmm,...carbs.

    DH called on his way home to see if I wanted to drink hot tea and watch it snow together tonight. I said sure, and then I remembered that we have leftover homemade pseudo-Bailey's Irish cream in the's leftover from Christmas. That would be fun to drink while watching it snow. But I have to figure out whether it's still okay to drink...I will google that, but if anyone knows, please holler.
    Also, Christine - that's some 9/11 story. Thank you for sharing. It does help put things in perspective. I don't have finished-kitchen stress, I have never-started-my-remodel stress. But really, in the scheme of things, it's ok. I have a roof over my head. We'll get to the remodel. Someday. And in the meantime, I just love learning here from everyone else's wonderful efforts, however they choose to accomplish their projects.

  • 10 years ago

    Christine. *sigh* I forgot about that 911 story. I think you told us before. It must be such a haunting thing. I have a client who was on the top of the WTC on 9/10.

    Here's my insignificant grocery store story from today:

    There were no carts at the store today when I went. I wasn't snow shopping, just the usual getting some stuff for dinner for 2 nights. However, I told my hubby, no green drink for next couple of days since I had to carry everything and the tiny filet & chicken wings, wing sauce took priority. No cookie dough, No Ice-Cream. All too heavy. Now my ds is coming home from college since he was stuck there last week for 4 days w/o power. He's a vegetarian. I'm not prepared. Maybe he'll convert and have wings.

    Stay safe all of you!

    Christine, come visit me on FB!

  • 10 years ago

    Blizzard of 66- no school for a week as a 6th grader.
    Blizzard of 78- stuck on campus hill at Uconn It was blowing so hard that while I was stopped, I couldn't see the tail lights of the car in front or the headlights of the car behind me!
    I am in Sault Ste Marie ON this winter and pushing 300 cm for the year!
    I went snow shoeing the other day and it was surreal. The trees on the voyager trail were still plastered with snow
    But nothing compares to a N'easter!
    Prep- I try to be ready for anything - as my Girl Scout training kicks in!
    Toilet paper is high on the list!
    Plenty of wine is always on hand.

    PS Beagles- I bet you are hiding down south!

  • 10 years ago

    Well, it quiet here southeast of DC a couple of hours ago.
    Again, a lotta hoo-ha about nothing. Unless, of course, it kicks in again sometime tonight. I think the warning is until tomorrow afternoon.

    Sure is pretty out there, though, before it starts to melt and people have walked in it.

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  • 10 years ago

    We have a pretty 10 inches or so in lower Montgomery County. It been mixing between snow and sleet since my kids woke up at 6am. Our nearby (smallish, family-owned) supermarket announced that the owners and 10 staffers were going to sleep in the store so that they could open at 9am as usual. I don't know whether to be impressed, grateful, or a little horrified for the workers, who hopefully got some serious overtime pay for ensuring that anyone who forgot to stock up on bread and milk (or wine!) would be all set...

  • 10 years ago

    Scootermom, my theory on the Baileys is, the alcohol kills everything dangerous! But does pseudo-Baileys mean no alcohol?

  • 10 years ago

    We had a few pellets of ice drop from the sky a few weeks ago in Austin and everything closed. I am not kidding. People just freak out when its really cold and there is some precipitation down here. To be honest, I am one of them. ;)

  • 10 years ago

    Bpathome, oh of course there's alcohol in it! And that's our theory, too. When I buy a bottle of Bailey's and stick it on the shelf, I think nothing of it, but having made the stuff with fresh cream, etc., it's a little scary to contemplate tasting it after almost two months.

    I call it pseudo-Bailey's because I really have no idea what their official recipe is. Recipe states it stays good in the fridge for two months, so we'd better finish it up tonight! Last night we ended up falling asleep during the Olympics and never got around to it.

    Looks like about 8" here in Vienna. Pretty. Haven't started shoveling yet, though.

  • 10 years ago

    We don't do a whole lot when there is a storm coming. We are pretty use to it here in Maine. We have 2 fridges and a dorm sized one just for BEER, a stocked freezer down cellar so lots of staples to get us through if necessary. One thing my husband always brings home is TP. He lives in a house with all women. He says we go through TP like nobodies business. LOL! Hubby was out shoveling the roof off of snow yesterday afternoon. We are expecting rain and sleet with this storm in addition to the snow. Didn't want the added weight of that on top of snow. We have had 3 major snow falls in the last couple of weeks. So it is kind of a yawn by now. When the kids were younger we use to drive the mile down to the beach and hang out at the indoor pool swimming. It was so nice. We would be the only ones there. It was awesome watching the storm outside raging while we were swimming, enjoying hot chocolate inside. NancyLouise

  • 10 years ago

    As a bartender, I can only tell you that Bailey's of any variety never sits around long enough to even think of going bad.

    I'd just see if it curdles in hot coffee. If not, you're good as gold.

    I think we maybe only got 1' if that over here, south of Bowie, between DC and Annapolis. At least that's what my yard got. It's melting fast, too, so eh.

  • 10 years ago

    It's a blizzard and it's here. 2" and it's going to snow all day and night. We'll likely have 2 feet. I bought a roof rake 2 years ago and it's still in the box. Need to break it out when there's a lull. Glad we have some Cognac in the house. I'll need it later me thinks.

  • 10 years ago

    One more Boston report...and joining prairiemoon, raee, ajsmama, anna, smalloldhouse, a2gemini and anyone else I may have missed in remembering the Blizzard of 78 - Yes- windows were completely covered on first floor- front door would not open - no driving - anywhere and my DH was stuck in New Hampshire as the state troopers would not let him cross the line to come home - for a week! Our house was the only one on the street without a guess where all the neighborhood children spent the week! In the middle of all that excitement - my nephew was born- forever known in the family as Blizzard Sam...the police at each town had to escort my sister from town line to town line so that they could make it to the hospital in Beverly...

    We are more concerned with power than with food or how much snow may or may not arrive. We have 2 sump pumps in the basement. If there is no power...we get 4 feet of water in the basement. Thus we have a generator for those two puppies so they can chug all through a storm. My shopping list is short: wine, batteries, wine, TP, wine, dog food, wine and water. We are on a well - so need water to drink and to flush! For the latter I usually fill one of the bathtubs half way up when there is even a hint of a storm coming... Then you can take care of all kinds of emergencies....for days....and it usually is...

    For this latest storm...hard to tell...but it has been snowing all day...have everything on the we are all set..

    Christine- great thread...loved reading it...Hope you are enjoying your hibernation with your essentials: wine and cookie dough!

  • 10 years ago

    Glad everyone is surviving the blizzards of 2014 - what a winter!!! We've had cold winters and we've had snowy winters, but this extended combination has been...well, WOW! Here in MI it's suppose to get to near 40f next week...a heat wave!!! If I were in college that would call for shorts and a tank-top. It's amazing how 35/40 in the fall feels so much colder than in the winter.

    Stay safe, warm and dry!

  • 10 years ago

    "I'm having the hardest time eating around these darned chocolate chips. Do you think I could order some of this with just the dough part?"

    Christine, the whole point of eating cookie dough is to eat the chocolate chips. The dough is like a delivery system for chocolate. It makes us appear like we are more civilised than just eating the chips out of the bag. Opps! I just did that, but will now immediately go to the store and buy more chocolate chips and actually bake cookies.

  • 10 years ago

    I've never liked the chocolate chip part!
    When I used to actually make cookies, I'd put walnuts, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes raisins, and lots of other things, but not the chips. My sister eats those and I eat the dough.

    I cannot get anything done today. I have so many projects that require me to just do something on them to move forward, but It involves lifting, or organizing, or ... cooking (I dislike chopping onions) or cleaning something.
    I just wanna site here and watch the things I taped. This DirecTV DVR thing is growing on me.

  • 10 years ago

    Wouldn't you know it?
    I've not had any trouble in recent storms of any kind.
    Now, tonight, with everything melting, my power keeps going off and on. off and on off on off on

    I think I'll go to bed.

  • 10 years ago

    Wouldn't you know it - the last time you posted about cookie dough was during our blizzard here in MI and I was stocked up on cookie ingredients and when I was at the store the bananas were GONE and I took the last carton of eggs. We have meat in the freezer so no biggie. I made sure I had milk and bread and that's about it for the 'extra'. I will say by the time our 7 days of snow misery ended we were in desperate need of a restocking.

    Here is a pic I took after things had finally calmed and I could get out of the driveway. The bank is literally about 3' from the power line due to the crazy blowing and drifting we get. First time we'd seen pavement in at least a couple of weeks. Are ya missing it?

  • 10 years ago

    That's a lot of snow! I feel downright guilty down here in the sunny SW. I hope you're all warm and safe, with full kitchen pantries...and power...

    Like Christine, I always just put up with the chocolate chips. So I think the chocolate chips are a delivery vehicle for the favorite part.

  • 10 years ago

    Autumn4, I remember those days! As a kid we'd tunnel all the way down the road inside the plowed snowbank. It was all fun and games until it collapsed on some kid.
    I wonder if that kid and the one who jumped out of the dorm window years later are related?

    Mudhouse, I'm wit'cha! Kind of like chicken. White meat chicken is a way to get the sauce into your mouth without licking your plate.

    Well, today I'm going to get my truck out of its tiny snow mound and go thrifting. H4H in Glen Burnie, Second Chance in Baltimore, and maybe the H4H in Hyattsville.

    I'm trying to pick up a 2nd job and today I call this fellow back. Wish me luck.

  • 10 years ago

    I finally made the cookies. Adding extra chocolate chips AND adding chopped up bakers chocolate. Way more than the recipe called for.

  • 10 years ago

    Thursday morning was Blizzard # 6 for us for the season - and we didn't even close school for it. It blew itself out by early afternoon, and didn't drop more than a couple of inches of snow - but we had sustained winds over 40 mph. The plows had already been through our street by 8 am.

    The most blizzards we've had on one season was 10, in '96-'97. But that year they were spread out between October and April; this year they've been between Dec 28 and Feb 13 (so far).

  • 10 years ago

    A question....would you eat the cookies I posted above it they ALL fell on the floor?

    DD came home from school and spilled them all. Every one of them. We picked them up and put them back in the bowl. Swearing a witness to silence. If anyone finds dog or cat fur mixed in with the cookies I will come clean and blame DD : ) Hey if DH and DS refuse to eat them DD and I will have no problem finishing them off. Finding pet fur on a dinner plate in our house is not that unusual. I'm glad I'm going out to dinner.

  • 10 years ago

    Oh, hell yeah!
    That's why God invented the 3 second rule. Now, if it were pudding, mashed potatoes, or anything else wet, I'd have to take a good look.

    Cookies? Hell yeah!

  • 10 years ago

    debra, I don't understand the question. Is "no" even a legitimate choice?

    Note to self - wash kitchen floor, in case of cookie mishap.

  • 10 years ago

    We scooped them up really fast, so all good on the three seconds.

    The dog eat one.

    Good thought, always at least vacuum (or sweep) the kitchen floor before baking cookies or anything.

  • 10 years ago

    Debra - I subscribe to the 5-second rule here...our germies in our house are extra slow, I say. Although, not so much right now...all the dust and debris from the remodel makes it to the point where I'm taking my life into my hands just unwrapping food to eat, let alone actually letting it touch anything in the house. I'm dusting, and vacuuming, and dusting....sure could go for some cookies right now. Oh, and that one in the upper right corner with ALL the chips...I'm calling dibs on it.

  • 10 years ago

    Guys, haven't you ever heard of allergy shots and the principle behind them?

    They inject you with ever declining amounts of that to which you're allergic, with the goal of desensitizing you to that allergen. Dust, mold, annoying people, etc.

    So... I'd say anyone dealing with reno dust should well be acclimated to anything produced therefrom.
    Andreak100, you're safe. I promise. It's just ... er ... flour!

    I remember in the 70s (again) when the first diet drinks came out. The kind instead of a meal? A lot of the girls came back from summer break very thin. Turns out a year later it was revealed that a main component of those drinks was sawdust.

    Moral of the story?

    Eat the cookies. Get skinny at the same time.

  • 10 years ago

    Hey Cristine

    Add H4H in Columbia to your list. They have lots of good stuff. Ready for the next snow tonight?

  • 10 years ago

    Update....after three days of no school due to ice (arrived only for the last two days), the high today was 65 with kids running around in shorts and t-shirts. Ice yesterday....shorts today! And yes I did eat two thirds of those symphony brownies by myself and would have done so with or without dirt....firm believer in the 3 second rule (though here it is 5 seconds).

  • 10 years ago

    With all the talk of cookies and cookie dough I couldn't stopped laughing after seeing debrak's photo!! (and of that super-loaded corner one id'd upthread with dibs! And as far as rescuing cookies visiting the floor, agree with annkh -especially since if I can cut the burnt bottoms off, I can and would just wipe them off if needed!
    Springroz - Just loved that shot of JR pulling the sleigh - ooohh just gorgeous!
    a2gemini - glad to see someone mention the blizzard of 66. As a young teenager my older sibs and I spent many extra days at home alone when our parents were stuck returning from an out-of-state funeral. They were nearly killed on the interstate and were lucky to get the last room at a motel. Snow levels were 8 feet with drifts over 12.
    As far as stocking up, I've often wonder if our interest in stocking up is a leftover evolutionary behavior...cannot for the life of me recall the actual term/phrase. I did only my regular shopping a day early, but did feel pressed to go before rather than after! Interesting thread!