something had to go wrong. but now it's ok

10 years ago

Everything had been going relatively smoothly with the renovation, until last week. Week 8.

We were set to leave on a family ski vacation. Installers arrived to put in the hardwood, which had been acclimating for a couple of weeks.

They installed the first "row". All of the planks had differing widths, causing huge gaps in the floor. Also, the coffee coloured walnut that we purchased looked GREEN!

We told the installers to stop the installation, delayed our vacation(kids were not impressed), called the store where we purchased hardwood, set up a meeting with the manufacturer to come to our house that day to have a look.

Luckily, they owned up and agreed to take back the defective material. On Friday, they delivered a new floor. From a new manufacturer. And it is being installed today! YAY! I am so excited! This whole thing has put us back by a week, but thankfully it is ONLY a week. It is nice when people take responsibility. It is nice to have the floor that I expected to have. I will post pics later - after they are installed.

Oh, and we did get to go skiing - just for a day less than expected.

Now I am off to shop for hardware for my kitchen cabinets. :)

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