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little brown bats and insulation

16 years ago

I sent DH upstairs to locate a HORRID smell coming from the teenage area of our new/old house. He said the smell was coming from a crawl space and processed to remove some insulation, and the smell got worse. Some how this lead him up through the hatch into the "attic" and two inches of mice droppings on top of 12+ inches of insulation. Then out of the blue yelping cussing and jumping around, he shot back down the hatch and proclaimed "the bats told me I am done". Apparantly we have over a hundred bats living up there. So after we have them removed do we have all the insulation replaced or just that end and clean the rest and lay a new layer overtop of everything? (wich is what was suggested.) And at what cost. The amount of insulation. Was one of the reasons we liked this house.

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