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Do you really need lots of 'storage' in a kitchen?

13 years ago

Couple months ago I was watching something on TV...probably HGTV or an organizing show...don't remember what.

Someone was saying their extremely cluttered, average sized kitchen just didn't have enough storage & they didn't have places for all the things. In reality, there was plenty of cabinet space and room to move around.

Response back was something to the effect that if you just have the dishes & cookware you need to make meals & cook at home, have the basic food items on hand...what do you need "STORAGE" for, since the room & cabinets were really more than enough space to hold what they used and needed???

What in the world would you STORE in a kitchen besides the necessary cookware, utensils/supplies, and food?

The point was the kitchen is where you cook. You have the basic supplies of cookware, dishes, and food staples you need...some kitchen towels & potholders, supplies necessary for the amount of leftovers you produce. What would you be "Storing"?

Storage means "stored away"...which means an active kitchen is not an appropriate storage room/facility.

I just thought that was interesting & wanted to share. Kind of takes you back to the basics. Makes me think about what I regularly use, how much stockpiling & extras are REALLY necessary compared to actually gets produced out of my kitchen.

Made me realize I have a few things "stored" in valuable kitchen space which I need to move out of the active kitchen and either get rid of or store it in "storage" for when I need it.

It's all about perception.


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