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where do I scribe the sink base?

14 years ago

I'm working on the template for the farm sink. I don't know how far back to have the cabinet side. Or put another way, how far forward should the sink be? Will I need the sink to rest on the actual front edge of the sink base?

This is the sink as you look straight on.


The bottom side of the sink is not flat/finished but the whole edge is so do I cut the sink base cabinet front to fit with the sink setting on the edge of the front of the cabinet? Or do I need to pull the sink forward as much as I'd like and let the bottom of the sink land wherever? There will be the 2x4 supports inside. I guess I was expecting the sink bottom to be flat and it isn't. You'd have to lay on the floor and look up in order to see that the sink bottom isn't flat.


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