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Cedar shingles on gables?

17 years ago

Hello old house lovers,

I have a 1920-something Greek Revival stucco farmhouse that the PO covered with aluminium siding. We tore off the aluminum and found the gable ends are plain wood, with no stucco. We are re-stuccoing the house, but thinking of putting cedar shingles stained to match the stucco in the gable ends only.

Question: Would shingles on the gables be too informal for a semi-formal looking Greek revival farmhouse? The gable ends each have a half-circle window in the center (previously covered up with aluminum siding!) that's quite decorative.

Many old stucco farmhouses in our area (Chicago suburbs) have shingles in the gables, but those houses are Prairie style with front porches, not Greek Revival like ours.

Any ideas? Anyone have photos?

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

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