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Removing urine odor from wood floor

11 years ago

I am experiencing a disgusting problem with my bathroom floor. In a nutshell, my home's previous owners had really bad aim and really poor cleaning skills. The wood floor is emanating urine odor (gag).

When I moved in three years ago, the wood floor had 1960s vinyl installed over it, which took months of repeated cleaning to get the urine smell out of. Last winter, I removed the vinyl to uncover the wood floor, which I then sanded, stained and polyurethaned. Now that the weather is warm, my nose tells me that the aforementioned "no aim/no cleaning" problem went through the vinyl right into the wood floor. Talk about gross.

I don't know how/what products to use to deep clean the floor without bleaching or staining it. I also don't know if deep cleaning will even work, since the odor is permeating three coats of polyurethane on a surface that was sanded fairly heavily. Any suggestions, or should I plan on sanding the heck out of the area and refinishing the floor a second time?

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