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Walls: wallpaper over slats? What to do?

17 years ago

(Forgive me, I'm posting several questions today after a second look at a 1916 foursquare that I really, really would like to buy. But I don't want to do something stupid, so I'm asking here.)

The house we're considering buying, a 1916 foursquare, has most of its rooms currently covered in 1960s paneling. According to the owner, who grew up in the house from 1960 on, there are 1" oak boards under the wallpaper downstairs-- not plaster. Upstairs, there are wooden slats covered with wallpaper (probably crumbling to bits by now)-- covered by cheap ugly wallboard covered with flowerdy wallpaper.

The paneling and wallboard must go. But what do I do with the boards underneath? I imagine plastering would be ungodly expensive IF I could even find a plasterer in this small town. Would I have to drywall? What did you do, or would you do, in this situation?

Thanks in advance!! (I am LOVING this forum.)

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