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Looking for suggestions for flooring & counter top for 1919 home

10 years ago

Hello. We just purchased a 1919 home that we're told is Italian Renaissance. The home has stood vacant for over 20 years and is in very poor condition. We are needing to put down flooring and counter top in the kitchen. We are looking for suggestions for time period flooring and counter tops. The floors in the kitchen are down to the sub floors. We are keeping the wood counter tops but need to add more (as we're moving the stove into a back room) but would like to possibly stay with time period if possible.
The existing cabinets are a light green, which we will repaint the same. Currently, the walls are almost a blue / green that really clashes with the cabinets. I think the cabinets are from the 1950's ??
We are open to all suggestions. Thanks.

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