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Transformation of 'Mud Room'

14 years ago

Let me first explain. Our "mudroom" or addition to our 1911 house was put on in the 1930s as a garage. Built on slab. Concrete under the carpet (yes, carpet, which was put in for staging reasons as we just bought it last year).

Anyways, we have those ugly drop ceiling tiles, and I couldn't resist myself today and just had to pull a few off (ok, maybe more than a few) to see what was underneath. Because, from the outside, it looks to have a nice somewhat cathedral ceiling.

So, ok, after removal of those tiles, there was that big pad of black bag insulation (looks like it is full of sawdust) topped with fiberglass batting. I pulled enough down to see the beautiful sloped wood ceiling (almost 2 feet in some areas), and 3 beautiful trusses. I probably adds another 4-5 feet in height. I saw the main holding beam and the cross beams too.

So, me being curious, pulled down most of the insulation, bagged it, and got up on a ladder with a flashlight to "see" what I had. Looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind exposing this somehow. However I could see the shingles thought some tiny cracks in the wood, so I would have to put some sort of foam insulation panels in.

My boyfriend was furious with me since he saw what I did, but I did point out to him that I did discover old frayed knob-n-tub wiring over the insulation (a big no-no) and that we need to get that taken care of while everything is still uncovered. And it is not like he would do all of the work either. I understand he is Mr. Black-n-White, but to me, discovering 2' wide boards is like opening a Christmas present. He needs to chill out and have a little creativity in him and help me work this out in a practical way so we can take advantage of the beauty of this frame.

Any suggestions, or should I leave well enough alone and just put back a dryboard/plaster ceiling on the already ferring strips. Seems a shame not to expose this, but I may loose alot of heat and I like in the Northeast, over a slab none-the-less.

What would you all do? Give it to me straight. I can take it. Really, I can.

Thanks in advance!


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