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Can I install hardwood floors w/o a subfloor?

12 years ago

We have a 1924 four square. We're currently remodeling our kitchen (from the 1950's reno). The rest of the 1st floor has original oak flooring that we had refinished before we moved in last year.

The oak floors do not have a subfloor under them. In our kitchen, there is linoleum (or perhaps vinyl) w/ a subfloor (you can see from the basement) wich makes the kitchen floor almost 3/4" taller than the rest of the 1st floor.

We'd like the floors to be level w/ the rest of the house, so I was thinking we could just remove the subfloor in the kitchen, as well.

Is that allowed by code, and is it OK to do where there is appliances and heavy cabinets going in?

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