Lacanche Volnay + Miele Speed Oven vs. Lacanche Cluny + MW Drawer

12 years ago

This is a cross-post from the Appliances forum. I decided to post over here too because this forum seems to be more active, and the people here are always so helpful!

In an ideal world, I'd have two ovens (one convection), a warming drawer/cupboard, and a microwave. Unfortunately, my kitchen is smaller than ideal, so I don't have room for everything without doubling up some appliances. I have been planning on getting a Lacanche Volnay (oven + warming cupboard) and a Miele speed oven (MW and convection), which would be installed undercounter. This gives me everything I want, however I've continued to be a little uneasy about having a microwave with a drop down door at the undercounter level. So now I've started to consider a couple additional options: (1) a Lacanche Cluny (two (smaller) ovens but no warming cupboard) and a Sharp Microwave drawer (so two ovens and a microwave that may be easier to use undercounter, but no convection or warming cupboard in this option) or (2) a Lacanche Volnay (with a single electric convection oven) and a Sharp Microwave drawer (so everything but a second oven in this option). Given these three options, which would you choose? Any other ideas? Unfortunately, I don't have room for the Cluny 1400 (two ovens and a warming cupboard) or the Sully (two larger ovens, one of which could be convection -- convection is only available in the larger, non-Cluny sized ovens). Also, I can't - or at least I'm not willing to - give up my limited countertop space to wall ovens or a microwave or to give up upper cabinet space to a microwave.

Additional info that might be helpful: I have three daughters (9, 6 and 4) who like to help me cook now and hopefully will continue to as they get older. My husband also often helps with the cooking on the weekends when we tend to make bigger and more complicated meals.

Getting a good dinner on the table every weeknight after work and school is a bit of a challenge, so I would think the convection oven would be helpful to move things along a bit faster. I have only one oven (non-convection) currently, but often wish I had a second oven so that I could bake two things simultaneously at different temperatures.

Maybe a single oven and a warming cupboard would be OK though? I could bake one thing, then keep it warm in the warming cupboard while the second thing is in the oven. For people with Lacanches, can you turn the temperature in the ovens down low enough to act as a warming cupboard? Are there any differences between the warming cupboard and the ovens other than size and low temperature range? In other words, is there something about the humidity, etc. in the warming cupboard that does a better job at keeping food warm without drying it out other than just the low temperature?

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