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Advice to rip out or cover my beadboard

11 years ago

I think this place is my beadboard's last chance! We live in a small 1908 house. We are finally getting to remodel the kitchen. I pulled out some metal/plastic kind of boarding to find the original beadboard that goes around my kitchen. It goes from floor to window height. I love it and would like to keep it as a backsplash and backdrop for the cabinets.

I've had a cabinet guy come and measure for cabs and he said it would be too much work to get it in good shape. He said to rip it out and replace it with new stuff if I want. That defeats the whole purpose to me. I had planned on smoothing it and painting it white. The glue stuff chips off easily.

My father (who is a masonry contractor) came to give some advice/take measurements and he looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to keep it.

I think they feel since we're spending all this money on a new kitchen, we shouldn't keep something in not-great shape. I think my father is trying to help me keep the remodel simple and reasonably priced. I didn't even tell him I wanted it behind the sink.

Wondering what your thoughts are- am I placing too much value on it? What makes me hesitate is that they know a lot more abour remodeling kitchens than me.

I'll attach a couple of pics. Thanks!

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